Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watching Jack the Giant Slayer the second times!

Yesterday we head to SUMMIT USJ Mall to watch the movie at GSC, yeah only $11 for me and son. It is our second time to watch the movie, such nice movie is best to watch in cinema!

The cinema hall 6 is half fully seated! It was afternoon movie. My son loves another movie, he still remembered some words from the movie of Ah Boys to Men 2. Something about the body part flying away, mouth fall on the ground, ear fly over there, eyes fall behind.. and lastly is your head exploded?! LOL I couldn't remember the exact words, you can see the trailer in youtube.

Which movie do you like to watch? Jack the Giant Slayer or Ah Boys to Men 2.



  1. I havent watch the movie until today -.-

  2. Wow,your second time??I haven't even watched it yet :(

    1. now you need watch in DVD hehe.. can repeat watch it.

    2. I know,i need to write a list on which movie to buy cause too many after forgot liao


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