Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beautylabo: Maple Chocolate hair colour for me

I am sure you remembered my post on this Beautylabo hair dye products, I used the French Chocolate. Look at the above second picture and it looks so foamy after 30 shakes! I applied the foam on my hair and leave it for 30 minutes.

Yesterday I decided to try out the Maple Chocolate of this product. Yeah shake it for thirty times just like teh tarik!

Above pictures during the process of using Maple Chocolate whip hair colour, I find that the darker colour seems to be at the bottom of the bottle. Perhaps I need to use something to stir it first before shaking it?!

Below picture of me taken this morning, after shower and I washed my dair due to hot weather.
There is an instruction paper inside the bottle, it's English so easy for me to read. :D
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  1. Love the color that you picked up,i've been wanting to try this out but i'm afraid that it'll ruin my hair with the chemicals blah blah blah lol :P

    1. so far okay for my hair. :D

    2. Really??Well then i'll pick this up next time :P But do let me know how long it will last k?


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