Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Plastic bags and Paper bags

Do you like to use plastic bags or paper bags? I remembered during my school days, I not only carry a backpack but I also made my very own plastic bags. I cut the edge of the plastic bags and sewed it up, then I put in the books and go to school by school bus. It was primary school, I can never forget that because I always make new plastic bags if the one I am using has torn or broken.

It was fun and one teacher asked me, who made it. I told the teacher, I did. Now with paper bags, you can also do something about it. You can bring for shopping on Saturday or any other days. I make use of some paper bag by making it photo wall frame.

No kidding you can see my creative photo frame, click the link and direct you to Facebook. You can vote for my photo if you like it. I made so many photo frames that I can switch them any time for photos I love to hang. :D



  1. I love the photo frame that you made the other day :D And i prefer paper bag and recycle bag :D


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