Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trolley cars for the kids

Yeah this is fun and exciting, we are just back from the Giant Mall in USJ. You can never miss out this Giant it is next to MYDIN USJ. I usually shop for the cakes there, it's very yummy and delicious. Today groceries even though didn't fill up the trolleys, it cost RM98.

We can only use the trolley cars in Giant and after pay the items at cashier counter, we need to push back to the trolley area. Today a helpful guard is there to assist, they would push back the trolley car and push a trolley for us. This is fun ride for the kids, my boys love it you can see in the picture.

Don't worry everyone gets the chance to ride on the trolley car, you just need to wait for them. We are lucky we waited for a while and we saw the trolley car. I don't think eldest can ride for long time, he's going to outgrow the trolley car.


  1. This is cute and you are easier to do shopping hehe

    1. yeah but need to be fast as they will not sit for long.

  2. This a good one,so that kids could have a little fun too :D


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