Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wall frame fell down almost hit my son

No kidding this happened few months back and now I want to tell you what happened. I purchased the wall frame and picture family of three inside. The wall frame is then hang up above my bed for many years. If not mistaken it would be more than nine years, one morning I wake up I saw the frame lying next to my son pillow. My son slept on middle pillow if he slept inside pillow the frame would hit his face directly. Please watch out the wall frame at your wall be caution, no wonder my dad would screw the wall frame against the wall. Yes there is one more wall frame above me, I am thinking whether to remove it or not. Maybe I move it to another room, which is not above the bed. It is late my son just fall asleep, now don't forget to check out my pink freebie giveaway at http://nAmesherry.com Good night.

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