Thursday, July 26, 2012

Balloons fun for him@PGH

Look at my son, he is so happy to pose with the balloons he found in Palace of Golden Horses during the afternoon tea party earlier this month. He wore the Hulk on bike t-shirt which I purchased for him. He wore the army pants which I purchased for him at shop. The orange watch I purchased for him at mall in Puchong.

He's sweaty most of the time so the spickey hair didn't really turn out well. We have fun that day even though we didn't win any Prize in lucky draw. It is our first time to attend afternoon tea party and I decided to bring him as my partner on that day. :D

It is Friday so we will not be going to playground because we have one busy day tomorrow. We plan to go Midvalley for shopping diapers if cheap during the baby fair. We need to purchase the diaper for night use, my baby boy is so active walking here and there now. He refused to sit in the stroller quietly, he would want to be carry or get down to walk few steps and sit on the floor.

Sunday we will head to my dad's place for lunch to see twins baby gals. I can't wait to hold them and kiss them I am sure they are adorable now. :D

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