Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Dimple pink diaper bag n papa gift set

I have some friends being new parents, I am so happy for them. I like to share with you the deal I found Simple Dimple pink butterfly diaper bag with one piece matching print changing mat at RM25.90 instead of RM39.90. They have free nationwide delivery. This is budget gift if you want to give a gift to new mama.

There is other choice Simple Diaper Papa Gift Set (5 items) at RM179 instead of RM269.50. This set suitable for papa, this set inclusive of Simple Dimple Misty Cat Activity Program, Shield Bags - silver beta series XL, Simple Dimple Ladybird baby food bag, funny horse ring, starfish squeaker. They have free nationwide delivery.

If you are looking mama gift set, take a look at Simple Dimple Mama Gift Set (5 items) at RM129 instead of RM229.60. This set comes with Flower Friends Lion Activity Playgym, starfish squeker, chimed horse toys, Simple Dimple ladybird baby food bag. Now with free nationwide delivery.

Don't just read here if you like to see pictures of them, go ahead click the links above. They are wonderful gift for new mama and new papa. :D

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