Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review: Guardian Plasters sterile plasters water resistant

Today the product review is Guardian Plasters sterile plasers water resistant, this pack consists of 20 pcs. It is highly absorbent, non-stick pad to protect your wounds. I find this product long-lasting, sure-stick adhensive stays secure on my skin. It is soft and flexible adhesive easily contours to my leg. It is easy an easy open wrapper.
Above is my left leg as you can see it matches colour of my skin. I got hurt when shaving my legs.
Above is my son's left leg, he got injured at playground, I used this Guardian plaster for him so he not worry of getting wet when taking shower.

I definitely will purchase this product again, FYI, I purchased this product last month from Guardian and decided to make a review of it. :D

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