Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you check your plugs at home?

I like to know how many of you at home would pull out the plug to see. Above pictures are real and the plug you see is the fridge plug. You can refer to the second picture and you see there is nothing wrong with the plug, but once pulled out there is burn hole! Seriously this will caused fire in house if you are not careful. That night we lost our electricity my dear take the advantage to check out the plug. He has the feeling there is something wrong he suspects on the fridge's plug, true enough and this is the result. He faster put on his headlight and work on changing the fridge's plug, we are lucky we have purchased a spare one for emergency. The house electricity only back on after few hours.

FYI, I still purchased the brand you see in the picture for putting multiple plug namely for rice cooker, fridge, and so on. Let me know if you make full use of them, sometimes we do and sometimes we don't use them all.

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