Monday, May 28, 2012

Mickey Mouse & Disney Train Set

I am sure everyone knows of Mickey Mouse, we can even sing it together. My son used to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, now there is Mickey Mouse in Midvalley. Lucky us, we decided to try our luck to find parking even though there is signed full outside. My dear driving around in parking lot to find parking and drop us off first.
It is indeed a crowded day on Saturday, every where you can see a crowd except for the Gardens. We have lunch at Ninja Joe, the restaurant that serve pork burgers.
Do you remember I post up a Disney Train which had cookies inside? We are so happy last Saturday we saw the train set selling there, it cost RM19.90. I saw many parents grabbing one set for their children. My son also same grabbing one set. So many Mickey Mouse there we don't have chance to take picture with any of them.

I just took some pictures of the Mickey Mouse with crowd, do you spot yourself in the picture?

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