Thursday, October 14, 2010

Share your experience on breastfeeding

Being a mom to baby, there is many to do such as care and love baby. Anyone care to share your experience being a mom on breast feeding, let me share my experience with you first. I am mommy of one and I have been breast feeding my son for three and half years. When he was baby he was mostly bottle feed for first few months I know one introduce him to bottle there will be changes of it such as he may prefer bottle feed because it is easy for him to hold but I never give up trying to breast feed him directly. It took me four months to be able to breast feeding direct. I am sure you think that now you can use bottle feed, yes you can I have also pumped out the breast milk and keep in freezer.

We need to learn that if breast milk adds water will left out the nutrition in the milk. You can always Google to find out about breast feeding benefits and how to keep the breast milk then how to use it. Not everyone knows about this but with Internet today you can always share your thoughts of it.

Being a mom is not easy task you have so much to do and care of, as you love your job there is nothing wrong with it. I love my mom and my mom-in-law they are the best, there is no right or wrong but you can also find the source for them to see or let them know of it. My mom did breast feed me but not for long, she told me of it. My mom-in-law has breast feeding her children for three years. I am being a mom, some mom not able to breast feed for long because of work. When you have a short or long journey of breastfeeding I am sure they are beautiful memories. :D

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  1. i love bf my 4month baby directly rather than give her bottle, but due to work, i have no other choice...


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