Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to look slim in blouse?


I like this blouse very much, I choose to have clincher with this blouse because I look slim. If not people will be asking me if am pregnant. I like my shoes because the red sandals that I am having is peeling off. I have the croc shoes but it is my killing my feet, I need to put plaster on because the shoes bite my feet.

I have boots that I wore to Cameron Highlands and keeping them the box. I know I cannot keep shoes for many years; some shoes I love become wreck when I wanted to wear them. I find some shoes and donate them because I cannot fit into them.

I found the roller shoes; you know the old days that there are four rollers on the shoes when you skate. It is not real leather and it has become sticky leather, I don't know how to fix it everything else still look in good shape.


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