Monday, October 11, 2010

Looking for hawker stall to let

I have been busy all day, so just some info I find and share with you. I want to upload some pictures but I have problem to upload them because of the size of picture. I used to upload photo easily but now I find that my computer cannot auto upload the picture such as asking you if you want to upload or import. 

If you are looking for hawker stall to let at Restaurant BMC at Section 8, Bandar Mahkota Cheras. It is located in the morning market choice area. Currently they are food stall like economy rice, wantan mee, curry mee, dim sum, chee cheong fun, siew chow.

Available to let out are chicken rice stall, pan mee stall, nasi lemak stall, or other food variety. If you are interested for the hawker stall you can call 017-6843 349 Steven or 012- 2665 135 Billy. Please take note stall rental is NV.

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