Monday, July 5, 2010

What is your dating experience?

I don't know if you have gone for dating before? My housemate is very shy person, she told me that she remember her dating time she brings along her niece, nephew and her mom along. This makes the guy not so comfortable during the dating. They went to shopping mall for dating but they are all going together. Personally, I don't feel comfortable having more than the person that I am going to date, don't get me wrong when I was dating my sister used to follow me to movies and dining.

Even though now my housemate is old enough to go for dating by alone she is scare of it. So far there is no meet up for dating, there was time where her aunt introduce a guy to her but she wants her to bring him down to meet her. Her aunt is busy person and the guy works full time. She refused to take bus to go meet the guy, she waiting my dear to bring her to the aunt house so that she can meet up with the guy. The day never come because my dear busy at work.

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