Monday, July 5, 2010

Pose like Paris Hilton and win!

My housemate purchases the Female Magazines, I am browsing it then I saw this page of Post like Paris Hilton and win! Here's the terms and conditions with every purchase of Paris Hilton Handbags worth MYR$350 and above you will entitle for a free makeover, an A4 size portrait at the photo session. Then you stand a chance to join the Post like Paris Hilton Contest.

This is available at the Paris Hilton boutique, at 1 Utama (new wing) from 16 to 18 July, 2010.


  1. wow, i love that. So sad we don't have a promo like that here in our place.

  2. hi sis melandria, wow your place have this hehe.. :D here is new store.


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