Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday: time for shopping

Today is Saturday I just go back from Midvalley and they are many people there. I saw many people with many shopping bags, today is Saturday there is no plastic bag so you need to pay 20 cent for each plastic bag. Refinance your mortgage when you are not having enough money, I know some people are using doing due to business.

We saw many new cars at the shopping mall, they are Mazda brand and the car that my dear like cost over nearly $200K. I don't think we have the money to purchase the car, our income is not enough to have expensive car. I only think of what we need every day and not for what we want because we can never get enough of it.

My neighbour having their house renovation they must have sought for the refinance so they can renovate the house. With Internet access today it is easy to find Mortgage refinance online. This site is an informational site to educate consumers about finance and bad credit. I hope my sister will take a look at this site because she always in debt. She wants to be entrepreneur but it is not easy being one if you are not able to manage the business and finance well.

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