Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MoLiTing Bra and Panty

I think every woman want to be confident when wearing the lingerie. I love the MoLiTing Bra and Panty, as I mention before I cannot fit in L panty but I have got XL panty as I purchase the XL size set.

I love to wear it as give the cleverage that other bra not giving me. I like the panty too as I can clasp on either three to fit my figure. Even the bra I can choose to clasp on either three. :D

Perhaps you can Google to find out more about this product.


  1. Hi. I have a new blog and I have added you there, hope you can add me too if link ex is okay with u. Thanks!

  2. thanks Liz, I added your pink blog, so which other blog I need to exlink?

  3. Hey Sherry, Jen here. so you've use the moliting bra. There are people out there claiming to sell the original stuff but it's so so cheap compared to the China price. They even have pictures and reasons why they can sell so cheap, but still, it sounds doubtful. Now imitations are so hi-tech nowadays.

    So do you feel any skin irritation with the gel pad in the bra? How does it feel when you sweat? Is there really "enlarging" effects after long use of the bra?

  4. hi jen I am not wearing it everyday I can't tell if it give the enlarging effect. Sweat? umm... not concerntrade on that yet. no skin irritation from gel pad bra.

  5. Hi. Jus wanna say thanks. I love the bra set cos it is much comfy than i expected. Result is great. Noticed u gave me B cup i/o A. Is cutting smaller cos it fit.

  6. Hi sherry, do you sell the moliting bra?

  7. Hi sherry, do you sell the moliting bra?

    1. hi Arina Lim, I am not selling moliting bra.


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