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 Good day to dear readers and visitors of my blog. Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, especially parents. Juggling from work and chores at home, there's more when it comes to newborn baby. Becoming a parent can be the greatest yet most challenging experience with both joyful as well as stressful moments. No parent can ever be fully prepared for the role. Each day offers a new learning curve and for young parents, access to a knowledge and support network is priceless to help them manage the huge responsibility that comes with having a newborn.

Tollyjoy Baby Day 2019 launches Partners in Parenting with YB Hannah Yeoh (standing L to R)Ben Ashaari (Blogger Dad), Charles Wong (Executive Director, Tetap Tiara), Pn Suzliana Abd Hamid (Deputy Director, Selangor Public Library Corporation, PPAS), Hannah Yeoh (Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development), Mark Tan (Director, Tollyjoy Corporation), Pn Nor Aishah Osman (Trustee of OrphanCARE Foundation), Ms Khor Geok Kee (Director, Tolloyjoy Corporation)& Alan Oh (Confinement Dad)

Understanding this psyche and the need to journey with parents as they bring up their babies, Tollyjoy Corporation has collaborated with PPAS (Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor) Jaya One and OrphanCare Foundation (OrphanCare) to launch Partners in Parenting,an educational platform that will bring together parents and subject matter experts to share insights, experiences and knowledge while forging a ‘parent support network’; all with a view to help young parents navigate the journey of raising up and establishing strong bonds with their babies.

Present to officiate Partners in Parenting was guest of honour Yang Berhormat Puan Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development. The launch was witnessed by Puan Suzliana Abd Hamid,Deputy Director of PPAS, Puan Nor Aishah Osman, Trustee of Orphan Care and Mr Mark Tan and Ms Khor Geok Kee, Directors of Tollyjoy Corporation.

YB Hannah Yeoh speaks at the launch of Partners in Parenting in conjunction with Tollyjoy Baby Day 2019
OrphanCare is pleased that Tollyjoy Baby Day continues to evolve and grow its educational role to offer nuggets of wisdom to parents. This is crucial to allow for a nurturing and positive environment for babies as they grow up. We are indeed pleased to be part of this positive and far-reaching initiative,” said Puan Yuzila Yusof, Chief Operating Officer of OrphanCare who was also present at the event. 

Puan Suzliana added,“PPAS welcomes this partnership with Tolljoy as it will enhance our role as a hub of learning and community building.Presently, PPAS Jaya One is our only library located in a mall in Selangor.Set up a year ago, PPAS Jaya One has the fastest book borrowing rate among our libraries in Selangor.It is frequented by working adults, students, freelancers, retirees, teachers, children and parents with babies. Thus, we are happy to host the ‘Partners in Parenting’ monthly workshops for knowledge sharing for our community of parents with babies. This is a positive start to the parenting journey.”
(standing L to R) Ben Ashaari (Blogger Dad), Pn Nor Aishah Osman (Trustee of OrphanCARE Foundation), Hannah Yeoh (Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development), Mark Tan (Director, Tollyjoy Corporation), Pn Suzliana Abd Hamid (Deputy Director, Selangor Public Library Corporation, PPAS), Ms Khor Geok Kee (Director, Tolloyjoy Corporation)Bottom left Alan Oh (Confinement Dad), Bottom Right -Charles Wong (Executive Director, Tetap Tiara)
 Partners in Parenting’ kicked off with a focus on Inspiring Stories from Hands-on Dads.Indeed, raising a child is not solely the mum’s responsibility.Fathers play a crucial role in shaping a child’s cognitive,emotional and social development. They can assume a supportive role to their wives after childbirth and adopt a hands-on approach in caring for their infants. These are pivotal building blocks to nurture strong families which will,inturn,contribute to strong communities.
Unveiling of Partners in Parenting on Tollyjoy Baby Day 2019 by YB Hannah Yeoh, alongside Mr Mark Tan (Director, Tollyjoy Corporation)

This session featured prominent social influencer and full-time father,Ben Ashaari and confinement’ dad,Alan Oh who ensured that the right care and confinement practices were adhered to.

In sharing his experience as a full-time digital in fluencer dad, Ben said that he chose to opt out from the work force to be a full-time father as he was concerned about placing his three children under child-care support. His decision made a significant difference for his wife as she was able to return to full-time work. “I am a walking testament that it is possible to assume a full-time father’s role to lend a positive effect on the well-being of our children’s future. As a father, it is important to be a great support to your child and your spouse as well. I strongly believe that a nurturing, loving father provides a vital foundation to a strong family,added Ben. 

Meanwhile,Alan Oh assumed a unique role quite unlike that of any other father. He focused on being a confinement dad. He learnt about confinement practices and helped nurture his wife back to optimal health, there by allowing her to focus on caring for their newborn baby.

“The arrival of a newborn is a period where parenting is at its toughest, especially for young parents.However, it is also the most rewarding time if the mother and baby are given their space to flourish. It is an excellent time to create wonderful memories with the mother and this can be a powerful force of bonding between the parents and the newborn baby,enthused Oh. 

I am glad that I am there for the launched, its good to know their sharing on parenting experienced as fathers by Ben and Alan. Raising a child takes both mom and father commitment and tolerance to support each other for the well being in the family.

In the course of the year, Partners in Parentingwill feature a wide range of topics covering pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, babies and toddlers health and juggling motherhood beyond pregnancy. 

I am sure you like to know where the topics going to be held. The sessions will be held at PPAS, Jaya One. For more information on Partners in Parentingsessions, stay connected with them. ‘Like’ the Facebook page and ‘follow’ their Instagram page


  1. Good hub for new parents to learn about naby caring and being a good parent thereafter.

  2. Bagusnya sherry dapat join parenting event. Program yang bermanfaat untuk ibubapa dalam penjagaan anak-anak yang betul. Lain kali ajak kita yaaa

  3. good one, bagus for parents kan untuk dapat info, tips to be better parents

  4. Thanks for sharing! Actually I also need to go one. But something came off that day~ I miss the opportunity :( you are lucky.

  5. Being a first time parents is a tough task. This is a good support to new parents. Hope more people will benefit from this program.

  6. Sangat membantu buat parents lebih mahir menguruskan anak2. Ena suka parenting program ni. Hope dapat join lagi event macam ni

  7. Thanks for your sharing here. Being a parent was a tough task when you already have 3 kids. that why i'm always looking a new info or program like this to improve my knowledge as a parent.

  8. Wah menariknya. Memang sesuai untuk mereka yang sudah berkeluarga dan mempunyai anak. Macam saya ni lambat lagi rasanya. Terima kasih share ya :)

  9. i miss the event! tapi banya info yang dapat dengan menghadiri event macam ni terutamanya mendengar sendiri perkongsian dari bapa-bapa ttg kehidupan mereka seharian

  10. wah.. bagus sangat kalau dapat join event untuk parent macam ni.. dapat menambahkan ilmu buat new parent untuk memberikan yang terbaik dalam mendidik anak-anak mereka

  11. Best dpt join event2 mcm ni utk topup ilmu parenting kan...
    I would love to join dis kind of events too

  12. Info menarik untuk dikongsi dengan ibu bapa. Bagusnya event dia. Banyak ilmu boleh dapat dari event macam ni dan kita boleh tukar2 pendapat kan. Boleh join sesi lain kali pula.

  13. rogram yg bagus sekaligus memberi info baik pd parents. byk ilmu boleh grqb. sambil bertukar pendapat


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