Saturday, August 25, 2018

Taking Care Of Myself: Brush Your Gizzly Bear Grin

Busy parenting this week as Sean's UPSR soon and he has got school's tuition to attend. His brother however gets the time at home to read of this Taking Care Of Myself: Brush Your Grizzly Bear Grin. Its suitable for aged 3 - 8 years old, CANTATA Learning.

This book has got a music CD included that children get to sing along. It's important to teach children the important of oral care. This book is by DAVID I.A.MASON, Illustrated by DAN WIDDOWSON.

It has the guided learning activities like how long you should brush your teeth. How many times a day should you brush?

It can be a fun learning session together with little ones. Teaching them about new words too like cavities - holes in teeth caused by tooth decay.
chompers - another word for "teeth"
delight - a great feeling of happiness
healthy - fit and well, not sick
plaque - a coating on teeth that has tiny living things in it
squeeze- to press something firmly together
swish- to move water around in your closed mouth

My little one is not good with English language, good to have this book to learn about English language at the same time.

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