Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Pretending and dramatic play drives child development

 Being mom of two boys, now they have turned 12 years old and 7 years old. Time fly and I see that pretending and dramatic play improve child development. They have many roles to play in life as a child. Learning to make jewelry, it's not easy task but they tried by putting each bead and matching the color of beads turn it into beautiful bracelet.

Sean learning to be youtuber
 Importance of role play for kids is that kids learn to solve problems, coordinate, cooperate and think flexibly.
 Education are important but it's good to balance them out by giving them chance to express themselves. For example above Sean being a kid tour guide. He got to learn about the animal names and habitat sharing it with the tourists.
 Talking about tour guide, there was time where he and his brother pretend to be tour guide agent at the KidZania pretending they are making a field trip information.
 Pretending and dramatic play drives child development, the other day we went to a shopping mall. There's information on how to perform CPR and here goes my little one, hands on to learn on rescue and CPR process. It's not an easy tasks but at least he knows of how real real life issues, cultivate social and emotional intelligence. Kids learn about themselves and the world.

Role playing activities encourage children to learn about themselves and the world around them. It builds confidence, creativity, communication, physical development and problem-solving skills. Take example of above my little one, trying to cut up the banana into pieces it helps with improving his motor skills.

pretending that he's going to rescue someone at the top.

My personal ideas and tips on role-playing activities can be anywhere anytime even at home. Well, there's KidZania Kuala Lumpur which is an interactive learning edutainment theme park for kids that helps to prepare them for the real world by immersing them in simulated adult occupations and real-life situations andits role-play activities are aimed to helping kids to learn life today " - all of which support a child's social emotional resilience.

For more information of KidZania, you can click on the link to find out.


  1. Wow! Thank you Sherry for this insight.

    I know pretend play is good to help build communication skill but I am really amazed about the big picture.

    I should bring my kids to Kidzania.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Khadeejah, thanks for coming by my blog. Yeah you can find many roles that kids can played in Kidzania. This blog post I have mixed of photos not all photos here are taken in Kidzania.:D Photos taken in Kidzania while my children playing are jewelry making, youtuber, and tour guide agent where both of them are in uniform of cuti-cuti Malaysia. :D

  2. Kidzania is the best place to activate the kids' imagination (at times I also want to join in)

  3. Kidzania was really good for kids. I have been read a few articles about kidzania. Btw i have question,it allowed to bring kid age 3 years old there?

  4. Wow you are a good mom because of the opportunity for your child to explore the wider world and the better we are going to expose the children in the early stages like this...

  5. Kidzania! I really love on how you developed your children's ability and skills. Let them grow, let them explore so that when they're growing up, they will have a good problem solving skill. This skill is really helpful during school and work.

    Done follow your blog!

  6. it's great to play pretend, learn while playing... UPSR over can go enjoy d lo.. nice outings at kidzania..

  7. Bagusnya sherry.once adira dah besar sikit memang nak bawak dia datang sini.its good to help her develop her own skill.bagus gile dedahkan dengan benda2 macam ni since young.

  8. Memang bagus permainan yang galakkan anak anak berlakon menjiwai satu watak. Ini akan melatih kreativiti dalam hidup mereka

  9. Mama selalu main olok olok dengan anak anak riang. Ketawa kekeh kekeh mereka. kelakar dan terhibur hati dengan telatah mereka

  10. my kids memang suka kidzania. Ada macam-macam aktivti yang anak akan buat disini...dan main role-play antara yg best jadi pilot hehehehe..nampak smart uniformnya

  11. This place is the best place for kids to learn and develop their mind. The program is indeed interactive and suitable for all ages. If I have kids...this is the place.

  12. i never been to Kidzania. waiting my boys to grow up to play at Kidzania by their own. Thanks for sharing this useful parenting tip in your article

  13. Kidzania is indeed the best place for children growth development. It stimulates their neurons to act n to think. I love the fact that here, they imply the interest of becoming almost every profession in kidzania

  14. It's good to bring our kids to Kidzania. Let them be themselves and explore the activities in Kidzania. From there we can know what is their interest.

  15. KidZania memang satu tempat yang bagus untuk kanak-kanak explore apa yang mereka nak. Bagus untuk perkembangan mereka. Masa anak sis kecik dulu pun sis ada bawa mereka ke sini, memang seronok mereka

  16. Tak sabar nak bawak anak i ke sini bila dah besar..Dia mesti suka ni..imagine jadi apa-apa..syok kan..budak-budak boleh belajar lagi

  17. Memang sngat bagus kalau bawa anak untuk habiskan masa di sini. Boleh bermain sambil belajar. Dan boleh membina keyakinan diri

  18. I rememembered 24 years ago there used to have such place in Singapore. I had my firstborn birthday party there , the name kidzania brings back memories

  19. I remember when I was a kid, I really love playing role play. Love to imagine that I was a princess some sort. Haha

  20. So true, its good to expose the child to role playing so that they know what to react when real life situation happen.


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