Saturday, August 4, 2018


Why is math is so important so important to learn? It's because we need to use math every day. Math helps us when we shop, when we cook food, and even when we play with our friends.

This book comes with a music CD included. Math needs to be use during shopping groceries, cooking, baking, etc.

Guided Reading Activities.
  1. In this story, kids use math when they go to the grocery store, bake cookies, and play basketball. What are some other daily uses of math?
  2. On page 9, a girl is counting out change. How many pennies equal a dollar? How many nickels, dimes, or quarters equal a dollar?
  3. Do you have a friend or relative who you like to visit? Do you bike or get a ride to their house? Draw a map to their house. 
This edition is available for distribution in Asia only by Scholastic. 

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