Monday, November 27, 2017

Scott’s Bright Little Explorer’s programme at AquariaKLCC

Scott’s,part of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd (GSK), has
teamed up with aquariaKLCC to give children an opportunity to have a unique educational underwater experience in a bid to drive children’s curiosity to know more about our oceans, the sea life and conservation efforts. 

Thanks to this invitation my children has got the opportunity for the Sleep with Sharks at AquariaKLCC. They have a good bonding time together as their brotherhood grow strong with big brother taking care of little brother both of them learning together on the oceans life and the sea animals. They are curious of the sea animals in the AquariaKLCC.
my sons who took art in the Scott’s Bright Little Explorer’s programme at AquariaKLCC
Scott’s, a household name amongst parents in Malaysia, hosted the ‘Scott’s Bright Little Explorers at aquariaKLCC event that saw children aged 6 to 12 years old participate in a sleepover programme by aquariaKLCC dubbed ‘Sleep with Sharks’. There's briefing in the Saturday morning, children were given a goodie bag each which contained of a shirt Sleeps with Sharks that they can each wear. No parents are allow when the program begins this give them the chance to learn independent at the same time.
Saturday morning briefing with children and parents.
The overnight event saw children participating in various educational activities, including live feeding sessions with sharks, sea otters, and piranhas, meeting the aquariaKLCC divers, as well as learning more about the underwater world.
group photo with the VIPS and participants of the Scott’s Bright Little Explorer’s programme at AquariaKLCC
“The Scott’s Bright Little Explorers programme is an ongoing project which
aims to stimulate children’s curiosity and support children’s development
through on - ground educational activities. It has been reported that humanity has only explored less than 5% of the entire ocean to date1 and we believe
that aquariaKLCC will spark the curiosity of our children to learn more about the underwater world and its inhabitants, ” said Venaig Jegou, Area Marketing Director, Oral Health and Nutrition, South East Asia, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

My son sharing session on his five favourite sea animals that he finds at aquariaKLCC

“In addition, the rare opportunity of staying overnight at aquariaKLCC
Provides a unique experience of learning about nocturnal marine life and
Their habits as children have the chance to literally sleep next to sharks!” Venaig said.

speech by Daryl Foong, Head of Marketing and Sales Department of aquariaKLCC

“aquaria KLCC is proud to partner with Scott’s in their Bright Little Explorers programme and provide these children with a unique ocean experience that
can inspire them to learn more about ocean conservation, education and sea ethics. We hope that through this experience, it will encourage children to take an interest in the science field, as well as marine biology.” said Daryl Foong,
Head of Marketing and Sales Department of aquariaKLCC.

After the event, we have gone for an hour tour in the aquariaKLCC, you can also view some photos sharing on Facebook's album. Click on the link to view, I am impress my son would tell me about types of sea animals in the aquaria namely unicorn fish, dragon moray eel, sand tiger shark, bull shark and etc.

Scott’s launched the Bright Little Explorers programme last year in conjunction with its Scott’s DHA Gummies. DHA or DocosaHexaenoic Acid is an Omega -
3 fatty acid which plays an important role in brain development, function and healthy vision2,3

My children likes to eat the Scott's DHA gummies their favourite is the strawberry flavour. 

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