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Dine with 360 at Bintang Revolving Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur

Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur that can have fine dining and nice view in the night? I would say dine with 360 at Bintang Revolving Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur. Boast of Malaysia's first revolving restaurant, Bintang Revolving Restaurant is located on the 18th Floor of The Federal Kuala Lumpur. The floor makes a 360 degree rotation every hour, ensuring an every changing backdrop while dining. I was there to dine and happy to be enjoy the stunning 360 degree panoramic view of the city skyline.

It's an ideal venue for families, couples, friends, business associate get together. It is popular during Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve Countdown where you can sit back and relax to watch the fireworks in the city.

Sharing with you, some of the signature dishes on the menu at the restaurant.

Appetizer & Salad

Avocado Crab Meat Salad 
Coriander & Capsicum coulis

 Bintang Revolving Caesar Salad
Lettuce with crispy beef streaky, chopped egg, anchovies & smoked salmon

Soup Kettle
 Provencal Creamy Lobster Bisque
Local lobster & prawn with seasoned prawn broth
 Wild Mushroom Soup

Meat & Poultry
 Bintang Revolving Chicken Maryland
Served with banana fritter, grilled pineapple rings & tomato grilled
 Grilled Mustard Rack of Lamb
Rosemary flavour of lamb cutlet served with black pepper sauce and backed potato

Fish and Seafood

 Salmon Fillet on Barley Seeds & Baby Spinach Quick Seared with Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
& Coulis De Mare

Pasta & Burger
*Spicy Spaghetti Prawn Creamy Salted Egg
Sauteed with bird's eye chili & curry leaf in carbonara style

Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe

Yummy chef's choice of wild mushroom soup or the Provencal creamy lobster bisque soup. Compliment your meal with yummy desserts such as doughnut with single scoop ice cream and chocolate topping or the heavenly haagen-dazs Going Banana.  You can also view the ala carte menu on
 Good time with friends to dine with 360 at Bintang Revolving Restaurant, ideal place for gathering.

Bintang Revolving Restaurant can cater up to a capacity of 160 pax for dining. It opens nightly 5pm to 12 midnight. Just for your info diners to choose from 2-course to 4-course set dinner or ala carte menu. Looking for a dining with a city view, look no further by checking out this restaurant, they also host many functions such as cocktail reception, wedding reception, wedding dinner, annual dinner, product launching, private functions, press conference amongst others.

The Federal Kuala Lumpur - in the heart of Bukit Bintang, is Recipient of Mayor's Commendable Award for Front Liners for the Kuala Lumpur Mayor's Tourism Award 2017. Finalist of the HRD Award for Certificate of Excellence 2015 in the Employer category. Recipient of the Best Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur (FTKL) Beautiful & Illuminated Building 2007 Award in the hotel category.

The Federal Kuala Lumpur, the Hotel for Merdeka, is Malaysia's first international class hotel opened just three days before the Nation's declaration of independence. The 90- room 10- storey Federal Hotel was officiated by our first Prime Minister, the late Y.T.M. Tunku Abdurl Rahman Putra on 28 August 1957. The Federal Hotel was then provided accommodation exclusively for the foreign dignitaries and guests room overseas invited for their first Merdeka celebrations on 31 August 1957. It was the venue for official functions hosted by the Government and private sectors as well the official caterer of cocktails and dinners at Parliament House. Now the 21-storey Federal Hotels has 450 rooms. If you like to know more, you can visit the


  1. This is a lovely place to dine especially for couples. Great scenery too.

  2. The lamb and the salmon!!!!!! To die for!

  3. At first, I thought this is the same revolving restaurant as the one in KL Tower. Some people cannot stand the spinning and then they can't eat or vomit out their food. Luckily I don't have such problem, so can KIV! LOL

  4. Sure seems like a place with yummy food. Wouldnt mind that charcoal burger too. kindly pass the plate please:)

  5. This looks so good I could eat this everyday. Give me that salad and spicy spaghetti prawns. Yummy!

  6. OMG! This Bintang Revolving Restaurant has an interesting and tempting foods. When I visit there I would love to try their Charcoal Chicken Burger Deluxe.

  7. Wow a revolving restaurant! Plus the foods looks soooooooo goooooood!I bet it's so relaxing and spend time in here with good food and lovely skyline view. Shall visit this when I'm back in KL.

  8. food looks damn good... worth a visit.. I never been here before but am heading there over the weekend to check it out

  9. Lovely moment and such a romantic dinner with 360° of beautiful KL panorama view.


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