Monday, September 18, 2017

Jalan Jalan Japan @1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras

Dear readers and visitors, how are you doing today? I am sharing with you a good news where you can shop for preloved Japan items. The Jalan Jalan Japan is opening its 2nd outlet located at 3rd floor at 1 Shamelin Mall. Mark your calendar on 30 September 2017, it's Saturday be the first 100 to shop at Jalan Jalan Japan to enjoy 10% discount. At the cashier to make payment don't forget to mention "Blogger Sherry" to enjoy 5% discount on the day. Yeah total is 15% discount!

The Jalan Jalan Japan opening hours at 10 am to 10pm, so do mark your calendar and set your alarm to go shopping for preloved. The Jalan Jalan Japan, 1st outlet was open at One City last year. Do click on the link to read about it, if you have missed out the 1st time my son and me shop at Jalan Jalan Japan. Preloved items as low as RM5 you can find at the outlet. If you are lucky you will even find new items on the shelves too.

Being mom of two boys and I am stay at home mom, so I know important of shopping within budget. Kids are growing fast and their shoes doesn't feet them. If you are looking for preloved children shoes why not check out the Jalan Jalan Japan, there is wide range of shoes to choose from. Disney Japan, I have not been there before and glad to see there are things selling there which reminds of me Disney that every child like.

preloved children shoes
You will be spoil with choices, some friends are planning for vacation and they need winter clothing. It's available there too, it's cheap there price as low as RM30 and you don't need to burn a hold in pocket to buy one.
preloved shoes of men and women
You can check out my Facebook fan page for the photo album. That's lot of choice of preloved Japan to choose from. Even preloved kids wear and furniture, fashion accessories, bags and so on.

preloved furniture
I remembered my last shopping from One City of Jalan Jalan Japan, I bought the Burberry Jacket for only RM30. There's more if you check the above link to read.

Kids bicycles and toys are available, just check out the photos and nice collection of toys too.

Anyone of the Japanese toys above you are familiar with? The staffs are friendly you can request them to open shelves for you to check them out.
wide rang of toys to choose from
So many to choose and see, it will take time to decide which to purchase. Let's mark the calendar on 30 September to go 1 Shamelin Mall for their opening to enjoy the discounts. Be 1st 100 to shop and entitled for 10% discount, don't forget to mention "Blogger Sherry" for 5% discount. Total is 15% discount, how awesome is that?

Photo with the Mr. Daichi Shuzui's father, Mr. Daichi Shuzu is the Director of Jalan Jalan Japan. 

1 Shamelin Mall address: Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 55300 Kuala Lumpur.
You can use Waze to go there if you are not sure.
Haul of the preloved items I bought from Jalan Jalan Japan, the vest RM5, the red checkers bag RM30, the necklace RM20, the yellow toy car RM30, and RM15 for the dinosaur toy. Total spend RM100. Check out video below for the toys reviewed by my son.

Do follow the updates and info from Facebook Jalan Jalan Japan.


  1. Looks like a great place to buy Japanese stuff. I will visit on my next trip to KL!

  2. Wow...i must go and check this outlet lor...cant wait..too many interesting items..

  3. looks like a fun place to do shopping haha thanks for the info!

  4. Jalan-jalan kalau dapat cuci mata je pun takpe kalau tak dapat membeli.. janji dah sampai.. hehe.. nanti ada rezeki baru boleh beli..

  5. Banyaknya barang. Berpinar mata nampak

  6. Bestnyer...kat belah sini takde mcm tu.

  7. Wow dah boleh beli barangan Japan sekarang ni kat KL murah dan banyak pilihan tengik permainan saja dah tahu ia memberangsangkan...

  8. Ok i will mark my schedule & remember blogger sherry that day

  9. Its good to have some calculation before buying something! good choices! :)

  10. wow siapa yang suka japanese items ni confirm teruja uolls

  11. good.
    I hope they can open in Penang too.
    Well, i do shopped at thrift shop sometimes especially when i need to find something like this..
    Last time i bought a fur jacket for my winter trio to Aus for RM10...
    I'm satisfied with the quality

  12. So much to see so much to buy... that day memang tak cukup time.. hahaha - Racheal

  13. jalan jalan japan dh ada kat shamelin?? mesti kene terjah jugak ni... tengok harga pon not bad!

  14. semua ni kira barang dari Jepun la ye?

  15. Holidays means shopping time and time to hunt for more deals :)
    I love affordable Japan products, mostly they are unique.


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