Thursday, September 8, 2016

PLAY-DOH celebrates 60th Anniversary

It's Friday, what's your plan for this weekend? If you haven't think of where to go why not head to The Curve. This School Holidays are gonna be fun for the kids, you can find endless creativity and fun by PLAY-DOH. It's a fun event for kids and parents, good bonding time!

Group photo of the VIPS on the launched day.

You can find the Doh-llywood Wall of Fame, featuring the handprints and birthday messages of 60 celebrities and influencers, also known as Doh-Bassadors of Creativity, at the Curve Centre Court. The event is organized by Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd the event will be held from 6 September to 18 September 2016.

The iconic yellow can was introduced to the world in 1956 and since then has expanded into more than 80 countries across the globe with more than three billion cans of PLAY-DOH compound sold - that's enough PLAY-DOH compound to reach to the moon and back TREE times! Apart from the myriad of activities happening at the event, you can also get to Meet-and-Greet Doh Doh, the PLAY-DOH mascot over the weekends.

Some of the celebrities here you saw are among the 60 celebrities and influencers, which also known as Doh-Bassadors of Creativity. You can check out their Doh-llywood Wall of Fame at the event.
You will see more when you visit the event at Centre Court, The Curve.
Kelly Yip, Brand Manager for Hasbro Toy (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
"The PLAY-DOH brand is known to promote the development of children's motor skills, communication skills and creativity. Likewise, the activities during this Event will encourage children to open a can of imagination - to tap into their creativity and imagination. When you open a can of PLAY-DOH compound, it inspires endless possibilities of what you can create with PLAY-DOH. I would like to extend my personal thanks to our Doh-Bassadors for agreeing to be a part of this initiative. Having been around for 60 years, PLAY-DOH is proud to play a part in the childhood of many of these individuals. Many of them are parents themselves now, using PLAY-DOH to cultivate creativity in their very own children". said, Kelly Yip, Brand Manager for Hasbro Toys (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Go Bananas (with fruits)

Children aged three to six years old will be able to enjoy a host of exciting Doh Much Fun themeatic activities including the Great Bake Off, Zooventure, Go Bananas (with fruits), and Let's Go Doh-Town whereby children are encouraged to open a can of imagination - they will be guided to sculpt and create their own PLAY-DOH masterpieces.

Great Bake Off
You can click on the video below, I have recorded a short video on it.

If you have interest to let your children participate these activities, participants are required to purchase a minimum of RM36 worth of PLAY-DOH products and they will be eligible to enjoy two activities of their choice. Upon purchase of a minimum RM60, participants will be given a Gift with Purchase (GWP), and can choose up to three activities, besides having the chance to sit on an electronic car ride around the atrium.
kids enjoy playtime with PLAY-DOH

With humble beginnings as wallpaper clearer, the PLAY-DOH brand has come a long way. The modelling compound brand is now available in more than 50 colours and more than 3 billion cans of PLAY-DOH compound have squished since 1956. For more information and updates you can found on

So many toys of PLAY-DOH to play and choose from.

If you like to view more photos on the PLAY-DOH, click on the link to view the photos as I have snap some on the event day. My son have a good time playing the PLAY-DOH TOWN set, click on the link to view.

PLAY-DOH dentist playtime

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  1. Oh wow. My kids love play doh and I like to buy for them to play because I feel it helps them create stuff.

  2. my son would have like this but cant go

  3. I've always been a fan of playdoh. Even now I still am! :)

  4. Did you press some fries of play doh? i used to do that a lot when im a kid! nostalgic!

  5. I love to play Play-Doh too. Haha... Just wish it won't dry up so fast so can play longer.

  6. I am an overgrown fan of playdoh... LOL... and it is always so much fun playing with it... I think I get more excited with it then my daughter...

  7. good toy for children. so colorful and fun also

  8. Another fun events for the family to bonding with children. Love it.


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