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‘Braun's new thermometer, IRT6030’

Happy Wednesday to my visitors and readers. I am going to tell share with you on the Braun's new thermometer, IRT6030. Being a mommy of two sons, I am always 24/7 to care for them. Especially if they have fall sicked, when a child's having fever we need to have thermometer by side to check on them. Even if we find that children is not feeling well though no fever we can also check on their temperature.

Braun's new thermometer IRT6030 can be on on infants, children and adults. The Braun's new infrared ear thermometer IRT6030 and enhance the brand image, it's easy to use and user friendly. It has night light feature and memory function.
It comes with two 1.5 AA LR6 Duracell Batteries.

How to use?
1. Remove the thermometer from the protective case.
2. Press to the power button.
3. Attach lens filter.
4. Fit the probe snuggly into ear canal.
5. Press and release the Start button.
6. You'll see the temperature displays on it.
7. Take notice of the Temperature measurement.

the sticker on the thermometer, will need to remove then only you see the screen.
 It has features of most accurate, exclusive pre-warmed tip technology which is designed to minimize the cooling effect of the tip inside the ear canal, providing accurate measurements time after time. Household usage that you need to keep this aside whenever you need it. I like the night light feature as I can standby this on side when I need to check my children body temperature.

With unique positioning system, ExacTemp™ techology uses a light and beep to confirm proper positioning.
ExacTemp™ technology uses a light and beep to confirm proper positioning.

It's safe and hygiene, Braun disposable lens filters enable accurate and hygiene temperature taking. Important to take not that the Braun ThermoScan lens filter on the temperature sensor is replaced every time a reading is taken. Braun disposable lens filter to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and ensure accurate readings. They are designed to fit the Braun range and give total accuracy, unlike generic products which stop the temperature sensor from working properly. Look for the Braun logo on each lens filter to guarantee the most accurate result.
Remove the thermometer from the protective case. Inside the case contain new lens filter.

See below steps to use the lens filter:
Step 1: place a new lens cover on the thermometer tip before each measurement.
Step 2: measure temperature with lens cover fitted on thermometer tip.
Step 3: throw away the used lens filter after each measurement. Eject it by pressing on the butt on below the thermometer tip.
checking my son WL temperature.
after checking his temperature is normal 37.1

When it comes to accurately taking a child's temperature, doctors trust the precise Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer above all others. ThermoScan provides professional accuracy thanks to its patented, pre-warmed tip. And with its large screen and ergonomic design, ThermoScan is simple to use. Discover why the Braun ThermoScan is the No.1 brand among doctors. Doctor know best.

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  1. Thanks for your informative. looks user friendly :)

  2. It's good to have 1 thermometer at home for kids, easy for fever and felling unwell :D

    1. yeah it's important to have one at home, good household product to use.

  3. Should get one of this thermometer , useful for my family ..

  4. i think every family need this ~ how was the price ? expensive ?

  5. This is very good one. Indeed very helpful for families who have small kids

  6. A thermometer is what every household needs. I think I am gonna get one too, even though we don't have children at home.

  7. This is so convenient to use and a must for every house =D Is it expensive? hehe

  8. Looks like a good and easy to use thermometer. Good to have one.

  9. Is a good and reliable brand for thermometer. I have it at my own house.

  10. hey! i think i have this exact same one for the kids.. good and reliable, always working when we need it most.

  11. Great tool especially when your kid is not feeling well :)

  12. yay! it can be use in adult... so i definitely going to get this, you know, i always get sick during traveling....

  13. cool stuff to check kids temperature but trust me mother's instinct is really strong.. this is just a tool.... if kids in fever don;t even bother to sleep.

  14. Looks like I know what to recommend my aunts for their must-have tools especially this medical thermometer.

  15. This is so convenient. But i think i have something similar from another brand. hehe


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