Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya from My Mom's Best

Last week, Raya week have you go anywhere? We didn't go anywhere but stay back in Selangor. My dear has to work on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. So we didn't go back his home town, but we have a dinner family time with my parents and sibling at Cheras. Haven't wish my Muslim readers and friends Selamat Hari Raya.

If you have notice my blog url, it has changes from www.mymomsbest.us to www.mymumbest.com because I am not able to use the domain name of that anymore. It has brings me lots of memories in my blogging years. Special thanks to my blogger friend Leona for helping me with the domain.She's mommy of two boys just like me, feel free to visit her blog, she blogs of parenting, beauty and tech many more.

It's back to school and yesterday I have to drive 3 rounds to park near school to wait for son. Today even worst, I need to drive 6 rounds in to find a parking then I went to nearest bookstore to shop for son's history exercise book. He says it was missing not sure who took his book, last year it happened to him too and it took almost a month for the math book to show up again. But then I did bought the same book for him, else he would be punish by teacher.

Being mom of two boys, I have no transporter to fetch my sons. I fetch them, unless I have a media trip my dear would be helping me out during his lunch hours. My niece can helped if I am not able to fetch him but it depends too because when's she on college break and here, she can helped me out.

My son Standard 4 now and the exam is very tough. There's why he's attending the tuition at tuition centre. I didn't choose the tuition centre near the school as they only choose the children with good grades. Yeah they will check on the report cards and results of students before they accept them. They will inform you that if your child is slow you better not send there as they are learning fast. It's sad but this is true, as the admin lady of tuition centre told me and saying that if you want to let him tuition at the centre no problem but you have to risk it as he might not able to catch up. Not sure if he's going to go for tuition in school, for Standard 6 its compulsory to tuition in school.

Talking of education, his school uniform need to buy new pair soon as he's growing big. His white pair of shoes also need to change at least twice a year due to size. Now he's no longer using the trolley bag for school because the trolley bag's wheel broken or carrier is broken. He's using backpack and it's very heavy. Today many children are using trolley bags in school, I have seen Standard One children struggling to pull up their bag just a step away.

Parenting is we love and care want to give the best for our children. Always thinking what to cook for them, and for family too. Healthy meals are important for healthy body and mind.

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