Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ice Age Collision Course movie

Its July and I am happy to say that we can watch movie together, I won two passes of Ice Age Collision Course movie to watch from 8TV for the preview screening. It's been a long time for mom and son outing, movie venue at GSC 1 Utama.We went early as we reach as early as 4pm in the afternoon, we have lots of walk in the mall and achieve 10k steps together. I found a wallet that son needs to use in school, his wallet the coin area cannot be use anymore. I found the wallet in Parkson toys area and it is lesser than RM20 after discount. Last year January, I bought a wallet at One City USJ, you can click on the link to view.

*Spoiler alert*

The movie is suitable to watch with children and I am glad my 10 years old son loves it. He loves Science and this movie has it all, one of the favourite subject in school would be gravity and magnet. Teasers in the post, sloth has a breakup in the movie and he found a new love.

Nice movie to watch as I like to Ice Age movies, Buck is in the movie. Yeah, when you see Buck, you'll know there are dinosaur in the movie. Peaches has grown up and is getting married. It's entertaining as we enjoy watch the movie from the start to the end. Wedding anniversary of Manfred and he forgotten all about it, when Nelly surprise her with a party celebration. You can also find lots of space adventure in the movie. Asteroid is aiming towards the earth, how are Buck and his friends to save earth?

Sad to say that the D-Box we are sitting on has no movement at all. I am the second to queue up as waited 30 minutes for the person in charge to come, I get to select the sitting as we are early.

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  1. I'll be bringing kids to watch this tomorrow. No free movie ticket, have to buy.


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