Saturday, January 16, 2016

WHAMISA opened in DAMEN Shopping Mall

Yesterday I visited DAMEN Shopping Mall, the mall is next to Summit USJ and nearby to Giant and MYDIN. 

Congrats to WHAMISA for opening its outlet there,it's the first outlet in Malaysia. 

 WHAMISA Line of products consists of skin care/ body care/ hair care/ baby care/ mans care/ hydro-gel mask/ kelp mask.

hands on trying the hand lotion on the left photo.
Organic Flowers Facial Oil, one of the best selling product. RM219 (WM) photo on the right.
 Many products in WHAMISA that you can see and test on the spot. There are product consultant in the shop that can assist you.

WHAMISA "Organic 2X Fermentation Cosmetic"
Natural Fermented Organic Flowers that give fast absorbing and bountiful nutrients,
99.9% of them are organic that help more healthy, 
No purified water but use only Botanic water/extract that makes more moisturizing.

My blogger friend Aiin hands on testing the products of WHAMISA 
 I was told that WHAMISA products do not have expiry dates of them because they don't expired.
Baby Care range of WHAMISA
 Organic Fermented Aloe Vera Baby Care products from price range of RM79 (WM) to RM169(WM).

They also have Organic Fermented Seeds Hair Care range products. If you are looking for shampoo, hair treatment, hair essence, and scalp tonic you can find them there. Price range of RM149 (WM) to RM179 (WM).
first photo above is the miniature of skincare products.
 Many miniature for skincare and masks available in shop. If you have interest to try out their skincare you can purchase their miniature set.

Organic Fermented Flowers Skin Care consists of three types, Organic Flowers Toner, Organic Flowers Lotion,  Organic Flowers Special Care, Organic Flowers Cleansing Care, and Organic Flowers Moisture Care. If you are not sure which products are suitable for you, you can find out from the product consultant as they will be there to assist you.
Whamisa formulated without 
Paraben/ Synthetic/Chemical Preservatives,
Artificial Dyes & Fragraces,
Silicon/Mineral Oils,
EDTA, Animal Origin Ingredients,
Chemical/Sulfate Surgactant, 
Systhetic Viscosity Agent

I saw the entrance parking of the basement parking states that parking payment starting on 16 January 2016.


  1. How nice!
    Da Men is near to my house, and I am not free to visit them yet
    I will visit after CNY :)

  2. Mall and shopping is every woman's favorite...U seemed to have nice retail theory!

  3. Haven't heard of Whamisa before but will definitely check them out. Anything about products for good skin, I'm willing to experiment.

  4. wow! DaMen, a new place for shopping :) ha...ha..I missed their grand opening earlier. Whamisa is a new brand to me, will check out when i am in Damen then :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Went to damen on opening. Nice mall. :)

  6. Organic Flowers Facial Oil look great !

  7. damen looks like a very happening mall. Lots of interesting good brands there. I reckon I will be spending quite some time shopping through the options available.

  8. Interesting fact that their product don't have expiry date because they don't expired. Wondering what's the reason behind?

  9. Woah.. seems there are a lots of great brands located in Da Men. cant wait to visit there soon!

  10. damen really has alot of korean brands now! i have been there a couple of times

  11. Argh Haven't been to Da Men yet! Looks like great place for shopping and food! Gonna visit there soon!

  12. Da Men is interesting and Whamisa seems like a good brand... but I bet it is quite pricey....I am willing to check it out.. if I can

  13. Looks like a Nice place but Da:Men itself is horrible, so hard to get in and out of the place. Been there once and have to say no more next time.

  14. Is it a new brand or may be not in singapore as never heard about it. It looks quite promising.

  15. Whamisa is a brand from which country? Aren't all cosmetics or beauty products should last only 12 months max? Or they are assuming all consumers would finish the products in six-twelve months? I don't think so..

  16. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  17. what a nice event you join! want to try out the product!

  18. Never visit Damen
    just know from other bloggers
    should pay a visit next time
    and I always love organic natural skincare

  19. Seems like so many places are opening up in Da:Men babe - will definitely be paying more visits to it soon ;)


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