Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chinese New Year shopping on Ensogo

Chinese New Year is coming soon, there's still time for us to do spring cleaning at home. 
Other than that, I have friends with interest to shop online for home & living, and beauty products.

I visited the Ensogo website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. Not long ago I have bought a pair of sport shoes from Ensogo. We can shop by category on Ensogo, they have Fashion, Beauty. Baby & Maternity, Groceries, Kitchen & Living, Furniture & Home Decor, Electronics Appliances, Health & Diet, and Sport & Leisure.

My sister in law is looking out for the kitchen products like slow juicer, cooking pan. She is taking her sweet time to see which product is suitable for her kitchen.

My friends told me that she is going to have party at home, she is looking for chocolate fondue machine, I saw this available on the website can't wait to let her know of this.

As for me, being mommy of two boys. I know its important to pamper self. So I am looking at these beauty products that I can find on Ensogo. Beauty products that consists of skin care, brushes for makeup, cosmetics and fragrance.

 Beauty is not just for women but also for men. If you are looking for grooming products for loved ones. Ensogo also selling them, so many products to choose from namely electric razor shaver, rechargeable shaver, hair and beard trimmer, many more if you check out the website.
Online shopping is convenient and we don't have to step out of the office or home to go shopping.
Beauty products are important to woman too, we need to take care of our skin and pamper ourselves from time to time. For more details do check out Ensogo. 


  1. another interesting website to go check out amazing stuff huh.... yaaayyyy

  2. Wow not bad leh, gonna try it out Later. See any offers and grab anything for cny!

  3. Online shopping never been my first option, But this one seems like worth to try though :)

  4. nice to read this. I need to do my last minute CNY shopping at ensogo too.


  5. really crazy if big sales is coming.. click click till u rasanak stop baru perasan.. rm3++.. whatttt... hahahha

  6. ensogo has so many types of products already! you make me feel like shopping already

  7. I always window shopping at ensogo but never buy anything from there yet. I see so many sale there, I might buy something soon.

  8. I never shop with ensogo before..looks good!~

  9. I want to get the chocolate fondue machine too for my children's birthday since it is a good deal at Ensogo. Life much more easier now with shopping online.

  10. Yes I spotted some awesome products at Ensogo also.

  11. I haven't shopped with Ensogo before but it does look interesting. Great deal they have on as well :)


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