Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday afternoon outing with son

Look at this huge roti tissue, son cannot finish it alone so I ask my dear and family members to join me to eat. It is not cheap, Sri Melur restaurant is a famous restaurant. I don't know how they charge but my dear pay RM50 and balance he received is around RM2 plus change. It's my first time to order roti tissue there. We have ordered other food like tosai, nasi lemak, some fried chicken, etc.

This afternoon we supposed to purchase his BC textbook from nearby bookstore at the school. But the seller says that the books are still sealed in the box, we'll need to come back again next Monday to purchase. Son told me that now BC papers have two papers to do for exam instead of one paper. Oh boy! It's going to be hectic year for him and me.

Chinese New Year soon, have you start shopping for new clothing? I have enough of clothing and no plan to purchase any yet. His school going to start school tuition on 18 Jan, but son's not taking part as he needs to absent on Friday for outside tuition. So we decided not to give him tuition in school. Perhaps next year he can start tuition in the school, we'll see how it goes. He is poor in BM and BC, that's why now I have started him tuition in tuition centre instead of daycare tuition. Two years he was in daycare tuition and it didn't seem to pull up his grades.

He starting to like Chinese Calligraphy and class teacher has chosen him together with 14 students in class to participate in a contest. We don't know when is the contest but I told him that he'll need to practice to write perfect.

Chinese New Year performances at the mall, I have visited the Curve, you can click on the link to see more. Other than that, I have also upload photos and video to my Facebook page

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