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Scholastic books this school holiday

This school holiday how do you spend time with your family?
One of the bonding time I have with my children will be reading time.
These are all the Scholastic books for my children to read. My sons are 9 years old and 4 years old.
What children do this school holiday? I know they will be interested to play games and watch movies. I also prefer them to read books during free time.  

Some books info to share with you as I have ten books of Scholastic books. 
Below is the list of books with its description. 

The Very Hungry Bear, author by Nick Bland.
 The Bear we all fell in love with in The Very Cranky Bear and The Very Itchy Bear is just as delightful as always — and much less cranky with the promise of food on the horizon! This new story features the same bold, clever illustrations and catchy rhyming text that made Nick Bland's first two Bear books instant favourites. Told with his characteristic humour and wit, The Very Hungry Bear is both an endearing tale of friendship and a subtle, yet important, reminder, about preserving our environment. 
This book is suitable for children 3 years old to 7 years old, last year my eldest son read The Very Brave Bear

Star Wars (Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden Past) , the Author by Jude Watson.
 Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are officially Master and Padawan. On their first mission together to oversee the elections on Gala, things do not go as planned. The two find themselves helping to rid a planet of an evil Syndicate which plans to destroy the local people. Jump in to the most recent addition of this successful Star Wars series.
This is suitable for children 9 years old and above. My son still reading this book, he is one of the Star Wars fan. 

LEGO® Ninjago: The Way of the Ghost (Activity Book With Minifigure) 
The action continues with all your favorite ninja! This activity book comes with a LEGO® Ninjago™ Minifigure and is packed with stories, games, and activities about the Masters of Spinjitzu.
This book is suitable for children 7 years old and above but my 4 years old son also likes this book as it comes with a free minifigure Ninjago Lego to play. My sons don't get bored reading this book because they activities in the book that they can play. 

my sons enjoy reading and activities the books
Really Creepy Crawly Readers: Fierce 8 legged fighters 
Find out more about amazing arachnids in Fierce Eight-legged Fighters! Really Creepy Crawly Readers uses simple words and engaging photography to help young children learn about the incredible world of bugs. This book includes tons of facts and info about all the spiders and scorpions you can think of! Also includes a toy bug!
This book is deal for children 6 years and above. 

Really Creepy Crawly Readers: Monster meat eaters 
Really Creepy Crawly Readers will help young children learn more about the world of bugs. This edition is full of simple words and engaging photography allowing kids to learn more about carnivorous creepers. From the praying mantis to the dragonfly, all of the best meat eating bugs are here. Also includes a toy bug!
This book is deal for children 6 years and above. 

Captain Underpants & The Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot , Author by Dav Pilkey.
 George and Harold, and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have a good thing going. Two of them go to school, while the other two hide in the tree house and play video games all day — then they switch! But when their malicious gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, creates a method of mind control that turns their fellow students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, the future of all humanity will be in their hands!
This is suitable for children 7 years old and above. 
Geronimo Stilton - Heromice: Flood Mission,
Geronimo Stilton - Heromice: Flood Mission, author by Geronimo Stilton.
Muskrat City is under attack again. The Sewer Rats have created a weather-changing device, creating huge storms that they hope will flood the entire city! The rodents of Muskrat City have one hope: the Heromice. Can Geronimo Superstilton, Swiftpaws, and Lady Wonderwhiskers save the city?
This book is ideal for children 5 years and above, it's most suitable for my 9 years old son as my 4 years old still learning to read. 

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott: Animals Everywhere, author by Dan Green.
This lively look inside the animal kingdom will bring your favourite creatures to life. Simon Abbott’s quirky drawings bring to life core subjects from the early years, with laugh-outloud pictures that kids will love to pore over and bite-sized text to help them learn as they laugh.
This book is suitable for 4 years old and above to 10 years old but my 4 years old son, didn't like it so much. Unlike my 9 years old he will take time to read and see the pictures. You can view the instagram video of my account as my eldest reading this book, click on the link to view it.

 Friends For Keeps: Let’s Play House, author by Emma Quay.
 When Owl asks Sheep and Panda to play, they try their best to make a house. But Panda is too big, and Owl gets squashed! Panda decides that all they really need is a bit of make-believe … The perfect story for any child, LET’S PLAY HOUSE is a warm tale which shows just how fun the world of make-believe can be. This book is ideal for children 2 years old to 5 years old.

Read & Sing: 10 in the Bed.
 What happens as the ten adorable teddy bears cuddle, laugh, and roll over together in the big comfy bed? Children will laugh as they learn to count from 1 to 10 in this delightfully illustrated book.
This book is ideal for children 4 years old and above.
LEGO® Ninjago: The Way of the Ghost 
I hope reading books can build up my children interest in reading. Reading is good as they can also gain knowledge from there. We can continue encourage our children to read books to maintain this as a good habit. Going travel also can bring along some books for them to read.
If you have interest to find these Scholastic books, they are available in all major bookstores. 


  1. wah...they even have Star Wars (Jedi Apprentice)! i wanna read too :P am a fan of star wars haha

  2. Good that you encourage your children to read more =) I remember loving books as a young girl but somehow I lost that passion

  3. My first time get to know about the Scholastic books. Its quite entertaining & educational for the children.

  4. Wow... soooo many awesome books to read... your sons are so lucky.... reading is good as it develops the brain....

  5. Love the variety babe and its good that you are encouraging the kids to enhance their skills. Fun and educational at the same time :)

  6. Nice activities for kids! I also bought a few story books and coloring books for my little sister for her to enjoy the entire school holiday.

  7. Mana your ninjago toys? hehe~~ I always love scholastic books!

  8. the brothers are so happy to read together, how cute and nice bonding time

  9. the ninjago books looks good i think my kids will love that a lot

  10. Scholastic books are really good reads. I used to work at a library before and we normally buy books from scholastic.

  11. My Little Angels love to read Scholastic books too. Interesting and suitable for them.


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