Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hope it's not too late to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
Last week we took few days away to go back my dear's home town. 
Yesterday we supposed to go my dad's place to dine with my uncle who is back from Australia but his bus was delay to 9pm reach. Dinner was change time from 7pm to 9pm in Cheras. We didn't make it to the dinner with them as my dear finds it too late to dine. Uncle was on way back from Kelantan last night. 

December is almost over, this is a throw back on shopping for my son's sport shoes. The shoes that used for him to go jungle trek at Awana Longhouse. I know they are many types of shoes to choose from but I need to choose one that is suitable for him. He's growing fast and he needs to wear men's shoes instead of children's shoes. The sport shoes chosen was suitable to use for hiking too. He did blog about the list things to bring for jungle trek. The sport shoes that I bought him last time at Giant can no longer fit him. This time shopping for sport shoes was in MYDIN USJ, for your information MYDIN USJ started to have parking system to pay. I do missed their free parking in MYDIN USJ. This pair of shoes that bought for him cost RM69.90. I prefer to shop for his shoes there as I find more choices of shoes available.

During the day I bring him to purchase sport shoes, he didn't go to the day care tuition centre and guess what?! The day care centre thought he is not attending anymore decided to remove his name from the rack of shoes. He went some days and find out his name was remove as tuition teachers thought he no long going there. Anyway I am starting him with another tuition centre instead of day care tuition centre as I don't see any improvement of his grades instead just getting worst. They only have one experienced teacher but she is not teaching his level.

Next year will be a tough year as he's entering Standard 4, he needs to choose either to be a Scout or Red Cresent Member in school uniform's activities.

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