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Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting with 85 Youth

Last weekend was mother and son two days out to Awana Genting. 
Back to Nature Retreat at Awana Genting
Two days of self development, team building and nature for Youth

With its pristine environs and cool, crisp air, Genting Highlands is the ideal venue for outdoor recreation. The event organised by Resorts World Genting main objective is enhance the awareness of nature with Youth through self development and motivation camp held for two days on 5 and 6 December 2015.
heading to the jungle trek in the morning
In the morning after arriving at Awana Longhouse, we have breakfast first then only put our luggage in the room of Awana Longhouse.
After that we have a briefing time and split into groups before going to jungle trek. Each group is given time to come up with a name and have a leader in the group. 
the bedroom of Awana Longhouse

For two days through Genting Back to Nature 2015, 85 Youth had the opportunity to immerse in recreational activities like jungle trekking and station games that will serve to broaden their outlook in various aspects.
Too much to see, too much to do, still need to go on the jungle trek. 
Beware of bamboo, cannot touch the bamboo as they have thorns on it.
beautiful rainforest

beware of ants, so many of it don't want to step on it. 

The action began on 5 December at the Awana Long House where all participants from Bentong, Raub and Rumah Charis from Kuala Lumpur alongside with bloggers gathered for registration and embarked on Eco Nature Trail covering 1.8 kilometres of jungle trekking through 130 million years old rainforest.

The day continued with a launch of the event- a tree planting ceremony by Guest of Honour Yang Berbahagia Senator Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Minister of Women, Family & Community together with Ms Katherine Chew, Vice President of Resorts World Genting.

Ms Katherine in her welcoming speech says ‘The virgin tropical jungle at Awana is 130 million years old. It is home to various fascinating insects, rare birds, wild flora and fauna. The lush tropical rainforest is one of the attractions for tourists as its vast track of nature opens up opportunity for nature lovers to come for jungle trekking and explore the intriguing flora and fauna surrounding it.’

Participants learn jungle survival skills and developing networking and team building skills so they become more self-confident individuals. They learn the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal.

Meanwhile, Datin Paduka in her speech says ‘Everyone has a part to play in conserving the environment. As leaders of tomorrow, everyone has a vital role to play in this endeavour. At individual level, one can reduce energy consumption recycling and reusing paper. I hope this programme will help enhance your understanding and appreciation of the environment and practice the 3Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The two day programme will provide Youth the opportunity to harness creativity, inventiveness, adaptability, socio-emotional skills, responsibilities and leadership of all of us here today.’

The night, we slept in the tent. Some bloggers and youth sleep in Awana Longhouse.
In the afternoon we listened to an educational Eco Talk. 
Wanna know where bloggers went after the Eco Talk? Thanks to PR Resorts World Genting, we have our shower in Awana Resort, then to dinner at Coffee Terrace at Genting Grand Hotel and watched Alvin and The Chipmunks live show. 

Knowledge through games
The program also includes an educational Eco Talk by Fadly Bakthiar, the Programme Director of Eco Knights. Fadly, from EcoKnights shared ways to reduce resources consumption and managing waste through 3R- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle techniques on source separation and also how wastes can be converted to something useful in their daily lives.

Besides that, participants will pick up some jungle survival skills and learn all about the 3Rs―reduce, reuse and recycle. There were also fun and laughter especially in the evening when a fashion show was held, highlighting recyclable materials. The day fittingly ends with Night Jungle Walk.

here's wefie with team Sunshine, yeah my son and me, Joey RWG Kid Blogger and her mom together we are in this team.

On the second day, the Hunt for National Treasure was the main highlight. It is a team building activity that sends home the message of how everyone in a team plays an equally important role in ensuring success.

total of 4 challenges to complete for each team.

The Hunt for National Treasure took place all over the resort that includes fun games such as Star Wars, Bridge Too Far, Giant Slipper Obstacle, Spider Web, Mines Field and Hidden Golf Balls―the last event ended at the Eco Park with a General Knowledge Question session held at the Telematch Ground.

It's very fun challenges for everyone as it involved of team building and everyone need to take part. Though we are last team to finish the challenges we are happy that we never give up trying.

There are prizes in store for various winners: Group winner for the first prize for Eco Nature Trail received a mini golf bag, Behind the Scenes tickets for two for each participant and a hamper. The second prize group winner received a hamper and Nike caps and likewise the third prize group winner. There were two consolation prizes comprising hampers.

Group photo with bloggers
Back to Nature Retreat 2015 at Awana Genting is an meaningful event, thanks to Resorts World Genting for inviting us to participate. 

Princess costume by Sushine, Joey is ready for Fashion show
Group photo of participants of the Fashion show

Fashion show winners: The Grand prize winner received a Coffee Terrace lunch voucher for two persons and a mini golf bag. The second prize winner received a Behind the Scenes tickets for two and a Nike cap. The third prize winner took home a Behind the Scenes tickets for two and a Nike cap.

But surely the participants of the Genting Back to Nature 2015 are not in it for the materialistic gain; it is the knowledge they have picked up and the friendships they have forged that are the enriching rewards they seek.


  1. you guys and the kids are so blessed to join this amazing retreat and have fun there

  2. It's been awhile that I've join such activities. Hoping I'll be able to do that in anytime soon :D

  3. My Little Angels enjoyed the nature retreat too. So nice meeting you again, Sherry.

  4. ah nice, not too far from KL, and can get a taste of nature. will visit soon.

  5. wow didnt realise that they even have longhouse there! genting gives me new experience now :D

  6. Such a great day spent with the nature.
    The retreat must have been a relaxing and refreshing one.

  7. it is fun to know that children enjoy retereat. nice

  8. definitely a great place for team building and family bonding!!! Great stuff!!!

  9. Looks like a good place to gain jungle trekking experience. Glad you and kids enjoyed it.

  10. have not been to awana for years. always love the cozy and green environment

  11. What a memorable outing for the kids and their parents. A great opportunity to stay away from digital devices!

  12. I love jungle trekking too~ they are having a lot of fun! I love their fashion show!

  13. Such a great experience to be near to the nature and more family bonding! Great outing =D

  14. What a nice outing dear, it looks like you had fun! Didn't know they had longhouses there too.

  15. so active , the outdoors are not for me.. ><" i may faint.

  16. I kind of enjoy seeing children and parents bonding while getting closer to the nature. A good outing indeed.

  17. Wow! I didn't know there's an awana longhouse! I like the concept! Back to nature with the family!

  18. Such a great activity for the kids, to experience themselves the beauty of nature :)

  19. Wow. What a good program. It is definitely good activities for kids as it will make them somehow more creative and have good survival skills


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