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Jordan's healthy teeth initiative‏

Brushing teeth has become such a part of our routine that we don't really give much though. Much less to the toothbrushes we use!

Have you ever wondered what people used to brush their teeth in the past? How did toothbrushes comes about and when did it all began? Sharing with you some info on toothbrushes through the ages

This may comes as a surprise to many but the first recorded form of oral hygiene was the chew-stick discovered in 3500BC in Babylonia and in China around the 1600BC. Chew-sticks were made from aromatic tree twigs with frayed ends. Back then users brushed the frayed ends against their teeth to freshen their breath. The other end functional as a toothpick.

The use of chew-sticks was also found in Indian and Arabic cultures. According to records discovered, Ayurvedic Indian medicine used twigs from a banyan tree while ancient Arabic communities created chew sticks manufactured from the roots and twigs of the Arak tree. This became known as Miswak and were valued for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

The first natural bristle toothbrush to resemble the modern-day toothbrush was crafted in 1498 in China. Its bristles were made from hair from hair taken from pigs attached to a bone or bamboo handle. The crude contraption provided sophisticated enough to be adopted by the European market. When it was brought from China to Europe, the design was altered. Softer horsehair or even feathers were used instead.

During the 1900s, celluloid handles gradually replaced the bone handles; natural bristles were also replaced by nylon. The first electric toothbrush was created in 1939.

Today, both manual and electric toothbrushes come in many shapes, sizes and colours and we are spoilt for choice. While some deem the quality of bristles as the deciding factor for their purchase, others are taken by designs and colours.

Where do designers get their inspiration and what are their guiding principles when it comes to designing toothbrushes?

Scandinavia's oldest toothbrush brand, Jordan of Norway, holds the honour of being the only dental oral care brand to receive the prestigious RedDot Award for design. What inspires them?

Each year, they produce four thematic designs, according to the four seasons of the year. They draw their inspiration from the myriad of colours and crispness of the Norwegian landscape; the fresh and clean Nordic and Arctic nature are truly inspiring for them.

Favourite time of the year is autumn when you find beautiful motifs in the flora preparing for winter, and early spring when small buds and leaves prepare for the new life!

The Norwegian love the outdoor life. Therefore, their designs, they try to capture and essence of the outdoor and bring nature indoor via the designs for the toothbrushes. Also, when it comes to design, a bit of humour is never wrong.

According to Merete Nes, R&D Manager from Lilleborg AS Norway's Design and Packing division, over and over pretty motifs and bright colours, other factors have to be taken into consideration as well when it comes to toothbrush designs - texture of the bristles, sizes of the heads and shapes of the handles.

Lilleborg AS is the parent company of Jordan.

Jordan, Norway's oldest oral hygiene brand, is kicking off its Scandinavian Technology Campaign with the introduction of the Jordan Target Sensitive toothbrush.

The latest addition to Jordan's extensive range of dental care, Jordan's new Target Sensitive Toothbrush is designed to give your teeth a superior clean feeling.
Target Sensitive has 80% more bristles*; giving that superior clean and excellent massaging power to the gums. Its ultra-soft and gentle slim 0.01mm bristles provide extra cleaning power to those that need a deep and effective brush. The unique "instrument-like" ergonomic precision handle design provides exceptional access to the entire mouth, even the hard-to-reach places that a regular toothbrush cannot reach.
above photo credit to Facebook Jordan

In line with the brand's Scandinavian Technology initiative, Target Sensitive toothbrushes come in stylish purple and prestige black. Each handle is engraved with a beautiful Scandinavian pattern. There are four design to choose for your brushing pleasure.

*80% more bristle than one of the leading toothbrush brands in the tapered bristles segment.

Oral-Hygiene - teaching them young

Being mommy of two boys I know the important of teaching young children on oral hygiene. It is estimated that 90% of the world's population will suffer from oral diseases of one form or another in their lifetime. Many of them can be avoided if sufficient focus is given to oral hygiene.

Oral health is an important aspect of general health in infants and children. It impacts the quality of life and health outcomes of these young ones when they grow to adulthood.

Do you know that in Malaysia, statistics have shown that 70% of 12 year old children suffer from dental decay? In a nation survey carried out in 2005, it was revealed that among five year old children, 8 out of 10 suffer from dental caries. The same study also showed that, on average, every five year old child has 6 out of 20 milk teeth affected by caries.

Dental caries is a childhood disease that is caused by a combination of infection and diet. Children are susceptible to various dental diseases which, if left untreated, may impair their qualify of life.

Children can start to lose their milk teeth at about six. These milk teeth act as placeholders for permanent tooth and, as such, must be taken care of a to protect it from prematurely falling out. If a milk tooth is lost too early, an adjacent tooth may move into the space, causing cooked and overcrowded permanent teeth and other substantial future problems.

My son is 4 years old, he's using the Step 2.

I am sure all mothers are undoubtedly the primary source of early education in children on good oral health. We can begin by teaching them how to properly care for their tooth by brushing and flossing.

Brushing is possible as soon as the child has a tooth. Brushing should be done two times a day, after meals and with a pea size of fluoride toothpaste on a child-sized toothbrush with soft bristles. 
Flossing should be performed once a day. These acts are the foundations for strong and healthy teeth. 

My eldest son is 9 years old, so he's using Step 3.

Children may be encouraged to brush teeth if they are given toothbrushes with neon colours, cartoon characters and squishy handles. Specially - designed children's toothbrushes help a child to feel that brushing is fun.

Jordan, a Norwegian dental hygiene brand, has in place its Step-by-Step children's toothbrushes series for babies and children to entice the young ones to form a good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

 The design of the toothbrushes differ according to the age groups taking into consideration the teeth and gum development of the child.

Step 1, which caters to toddlers between 0-2 years, has a small head with soft bristles with strong stimulating colours to capture the child's attention. Recognising that small children can have irritated gums, the handle of the toothbrush doubles up as a teething ring.

Step 2, is specially designed to clean milk teeth in children age between 3 - 5 years. At this age children do not necessarily understand the importance of brushing their teeth, and it can be a challenge to explain and to motivate the child.

Step 3, is to meet the challenging oral needs of 6 - 9 years old children. The challenge at this age is that, with both milk and permanent teeth, the positioning of the teeth may be uneven. The quality and placement of the bristles and head become even more important. 

The integrated 'solo brush' reaches molars and hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and gums ensuring that no teeth or surfaces need to be forgotten. 

Jordan is an award winning oral care brand since 1927. Having rewarded the prestigious global RedDot award, Jordan is one of the oldest oral and dental hygiene brands in the world. It designs and produces toothbrushes for the whole family, giving them clean, healthy and beautiful teeth. 

So, the next time you pick up a toothbrush bear in mind that it is much more than a handle with a bristles at the end. A whole lot of thought has gone into its making. The correct and continuous use of this little device is what help you keep your set of teeth sparkling and intact for a long time to come. 

For more information on Jordan you can visit http://www.jordan.no/en

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