Thursday, June 25, 2015

Can teacher simply cane children in class?

Just now I went to school to wait for son finished from class. Then I get him, he told that don't push up his pants to see because there's cane marks on his thigh almost near the knee area. It is not the first time the BM teacher hitting children in class. He has a bad behavior and many parents has complained about him but nothing being done by the school.

Son was hit by the teacher and he wasn't alone seem other classmate was hit by the teacher as well. The teacher used double cane, which mean it is not one cane but two canes together to cane. I called it double rotan, it is obvious can view the marks on his thigh. 

There is another incident in class that other parent told me that the teacher suddenly got upset and throw the marker pen and it hit the child's face. My son and his classmates witnessed the teacher bad behavior a time where the teacher throw the school's chair on the floor and the leg's of the chair breaks off and nearly hit one of the student in class, even next door teacher knew about it and their class teacher know about it. 

Sometimes this teacher very angry as he not able to hit the student, the student ran in the classroom and he needs to chase the student to hit. It's not the first time he destroy the school's property. The teacher did it again but kicking the cabinet in class and jam it as the class teacher came in class wanted to open the cabinet but cannot, students in class told her about it. Even next door teacher know about this teacher's behavior.

We want to know the truth why the teacher hitting children without a reason. It's time to speak up and voice up, whatever you can do about it. 


  1. Teacher cannot simply cane the child. Report the teacher so that other students will not become his victim anymore

    1. yeah this teacher has been reported a few times before the school change headmaster.

  2. The teacher must be reported or perhaps write to the school headmaster and cc the letter to the Jabatan Pendidikan.

    1. yeah done email to school, teacher knows about it. At the moment has lock away the cane not let BM teacher use.


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