Thursday, June 11, 2015

Insidious 3 movie review

Today it's my day, this morning after send my son for tuition I headed to Aeon Big to park my car. I walked to Subang Parade to MBO Cinema. The movie ticket with RM11.50, I used my MBO card to purchase a ticket.

Insidious 3 is scary movie indeed, I saw a dad brought his 2 young children to watch the movie together. Quinn is sad that her mom passed away 1 and half years ago, she wanted to seek for her mom to ask her some questions. Sadly, she summoned the wrong person which followed her back from darkness. Quinn has a brother that she needs to help her dad to raise. One day she went for audition and since then she didn't feel that she's alone anymore. She thought it was her mom that followed her but it wasn't it was a man. Who is the man? He's not human.

Quinn has blog to blog too, but his dad didn't understand what it is as he saw her take photo of the food before eating it. I am sure you'll find this similar.

I like the actress Lin Shaye, she's acting as Elise. Elise has lost her husband a year ago as he suicide. She went into darkness trying to search for him, he wasn't there and a woman in the darkness followed her back. So now I know why in Insidious 2, what actually happened to Elise in the end.

So how about Quinn, who is going to save her? What happened to other neighbour that live in the building? Something weird about the building that we didn't get enough info, there are just many cracks on the wall. An empty apartment, what's the story behind it? There's nothing to say about this at all. So there's a few death happened in this building, is it coincidence?

If you like to watch horror movie, do not miss out this movie and of course watch Insidious 1 and 2 as well. 

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