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Infant Language Development Tips

We all want our little ones to talk and talk faster and better than other kids. Usually, an infant starts talking after nine months. However, if you want them to talk faster and better at an early age, start training them at an early stage. So, as soon as your little one is six months old or so, start interacting with them in a way to help them develop their language tips.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you develop your infant’s language skills.

Talk to them
Talk to them when they babble, don’t just giggle and record it. When your little one babbles, talk to them and respond, but make sure that you give them time to talk. Don’t start responding as soon as they start babbling.

Another important point is that we often talk to the infants in a kiddish tone, but one should talk to them as they would talk to their friend. Don’t act differently in front of them.

Also, if you are working on something, talk to them and show them what you are working on. However, one should maintain safe distance so that the little angel does not spoil it.

Baby sign languages
Learn sign language and let your little ones interact with you in sign language. This is easier for them, and you will even love it when, for example, your child says I love you in sign language.

So, learn sign language and create special memories that will be cherished for years.

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You should have a couple of songs for your baby. From lullabies to rock, choose songs that your kids love and let them dance to it. Infants can do their special dance and along with it they shout and try to sing along too. So, you should sing songs they can relate to and let them try to sing the same.

If you can, buy a musical handheld microphone so that your little one can play with it and feel the music to by pressing the buttons on the kids’ version of the microphone.

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Bonus tip: Your singing can even help your little one calm down. Have a song in your mind that calms your little one and sing it whenever he/she is cranky.

Parts of the body

Let them know their parts of the body a number of times and soon your baby will know them all. Later on, you will have just to speak the part, and your baby will start relating to it.
In this case, it is important to touch the baby’s body part while saying it out. For example, if you say nose, make sure that you even touch it so that your little one will understand and accordingly relate to it.

Point it out

Pointing out is important in every case. For example if you say radio, point out to the radio. Pointing out helps the baby to connect and it helps them understand that the thing you are pointing out to is a radio. So, make sure when you interact with them, point out at things so that they can register it in their mind.

Pointing out is extremely effective with toys. There are specific toys your little one will love to play with. Make a note of it and speak out the toy’s name while pointing at it.
So, the next time you say that toy’s name, your kid will relate to the toy and will start looking at it. If the toy is far away, he/ she might point at it and then look at you to let you know that they remember the toy’s name.

You can use this tip in many ways inside and outside your home to help your little one speak faster and better.

Tell tales

If you have read kiddish story books, you might know that the aim behind these stories is to entertain kids. In some of the cases, the stories are quite weird, but they present it in a way that the kids start believing it and love it too.

Similarly, you should tell make-believe tales to them and delight your child.

However, if you are not good with it, you can buy story books that are available online at and read it out to your little ones.

Little story books with pictures will help your infant connect with the story. Point pictures to them and then link it to the words while you say it. I am not saying that your baby will instantly start saying it out, but it will help your baby create a link between the two as you say the word. Kids love bright colors and pictures. So, this is one of the best options for you to help your little one interact with the story.

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There are a number of activities that can help your child speak. Look for some of the activities and let them learn it on their own. For example, the audio book that speaks out the word as soon as your little one touches it. This is definitely a good option, but one should now consider this to be an alternative to a parent’s presence. Make sure that when your kid is playing with it, you are around.

Concluding, these tips should help mommies, especially new mommies to communicate and help their little ones speak faster and better.

Have a tip to share? Post them in the comments.

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