Sunday, May 31, 2015

Disney's Channel School's Out Invades Sunway Pyramid

Good morning folks, school holiday has started, have you plan anything fun with your children? 
Disney's Channel School's Out in Sunway Pyramid, where you can catch your favourite charaters from Disney's Pixar classics this June School Holidays!
Come join in the fun and celebrate Disney's Pixar favourite Monster University, Cars, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. 

Look at my kids you'll know my toddler is a fan of Monster's University, my big boy too. They also like Cars, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo.

Watch the concourse turn into a full blown playground for kids as they get to run in a maze, race a remote control car through obstacles, arts and crafts with Buzz Lightyear, and scream their lungs out in a scream room. 

Families can expect a fun-filled time with four different games and challenges. In line with the mall's effort for Child Safe Shopping, shoppers redeeming goodies bags will also receive a Child Safe Shopping booklet!

It was a fun session for my sons and me in the maze, bonding time too, we were given time to find letters of NEMO 

At the end after finding the words successfully, my boys are given these Mickey Mouse to put on.

It was fun time for my boys as they take turn to play the remote control of race car.
Don't forget that after each session finished, you'll need to get your Safety Rangers passports chop with stamp.

My boys enjoy themselve in the Disney's Channel School's Out just looking at the pictures you can tell how happy they are.

It's fun family time where we can get the opportunity to take photos with Disney's Pixar characters. 

My sons have a good time in the scream room, they get to scare their lungs out in the room as they know they are not allow to do so in the house. 

 My sons also received the Student Card of Monster's University, each of them have their photo taken on spot.

These activities are suitable for children below 12 years old as they can have an amazing time fun yet educational concourse for children and parents alike.

Disney's Channel School's Out event is free to join, this event will continue until 14 June 2015 at Sunway Pyramid. 

If you like to receive a Safety Rangers Passport from Sunway Pyramid, all you need to do is spend RM50 in a single receipt* (any amount for HSBC Credit Cardholders) to qualify.

With the Safety Rangers passport. The goal is to collect stamps as your child participates in the games. Just look at above which my sons have collected the 4 stamps from the four games they participated.

Once all four stamps are earned, your child will receive a Safety Rangers goodie bag (including colour pencils, shopping/dining voucher and child safe shopping booklet)!.

Get start planning this June school holiday make it a fun educational with your children.

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