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We have fun at EnerZ Extreme Park

above is Mr. Alvin Tey, Managing Director of the EnerZ Extreme Park

Asia's very first indoor extreme park and sports arena, Enerz Extreme Park, launched the EnerZ G.S.T Chlallenge earlier.

Being mommy of two boys, I always wonder where children and adults can have fun together. I find that there is this place EnerZ Extreme Park.

Aiming to get everyone excited about fitness and encourage them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, the EnerZ G.S.T. (Gut Builder - Sky Ropes - Trampolines) Challenge will feature photos and vidoes of individuals who choose to participate in an adrenaline-fueling and heart-racing challenge at EnerZ Extreme Park.
Warm up session with the coaches at EnerZ Extreme Park

The Challenge requires participants to perform one of the chosen activities on the Gut Builder, Sky Ropes or Trampolines, and nominate their friends or family to do the same by uploading their fun and energetic photos/videos on Facebook or Instagram via the hashtags
My son and friends so happy and excited to play in EnerZ Extreme Park.
Scroll down to view which children session that my son able to complete.

Amber Chia, she's ready for the Flying Fox! 
Amber Chia shows off her skills on the Sky Ropes and nominated a fellow model to take up the Trampoline Challenge.
A group photo with the Vips. 
As the health and wellness continues to be a major concern for us in Malaysia, more concerted efforts need to be made to reach out all levels of the community, to encourage a change in mind-set an inspire action to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. 
This is one of the reasons Enerz Extreme Park came up with the fun twist of the GST, the EnerZ GST Challenge. 

One of the coach showing the correct way to jump the trampoline.

Adding further value to the Challenge, and giving back to the community, EnerZ Extreme Park has pledge to sponsor one orphanage to attend their EnerZ Edutainment Programme for each submission of the EnerZ GST Challenge received on Facebook or Instagram. This pledge will be carried out under the umbrella of the EnerZ Care Project, which aims to provide "energized edutainment" to children in need in the Subang Jaya vicinity. 

The EnerZ Edutainment Programme, one of the highlights of the Extreme Park, is designed especially for kids. Adapted from the Australian Edutainment Programme to suit local culture and learning styles, this "edutainment" programme is designed to enable kids to learn and explore fun physical activities that nurture leadership qualities and team building skills. 

Fun time for my son jumping at Trampoline.

Wow, this is cool, how they did it? Jump and stand aside the wall? 

Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, the EnerZ Extreme Park features a plethora of activities and facilities for all ages, catered for those who are young and young at heart and have the energy to burn. 
Among their highlights include trampolines, sky ropes, dodge ball, foam pits, badminton courts, martial arts and fitness classes. 
I am proud of my son, I know he's afraid of height but he manage to have fun in the first level of the children session. There are total three levels to go as you can see above picture. Each level is getting more and more tougher. 

 Check out my instagram video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5 and video 6 for more actions.
My son enjoys the children session.
For your info on children session height limitation is 90cm to 160cm.
If you like to view some photos taken my me, please visit

They offer an outlet for children, youths and adults to exhaust their energy in a healthy and fun manner, make use of their time productively. If you like to have family events there, check out this place. 

ENERZ INDOOR EXTREME PARK is located besides Honda Service Centre Subang Indah, next Honda is Mamee.
Lot 791, Persiaran Subang Indah, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

For more info, please visit

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