Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beware of fake school transporters

It maybe an old news but it is happening everywhere. I read about a mommy got shocked about the fake transporter. Apparently the transporter go to her house to fetch her child to primary school, saying that the actual transporter was sick and he's there to replacement the transporter. Her child was sleepy the day and wake up 15 minutes late, she told the fake transporter that child not yet awake so transporter left. But time goes by the actual transporter turn up at her home waiting for her child, she immediately ask the transporter that I though you were sick as someone came early say wants to fetch her child.

This is not just happen to her, but to others as well even at the primary school. Parents please take note of this. There's another case where the standard 1 pupil was waiting the transporter the fake transporter came and say she's the replacement transporter but the pupil says there's his sister that he's waiting also as both are using same transporter. By the time pupil's sister finished classes and with the pupil, actual transporter came to fetch them.

Please let your children know that there's fake transporter or don't follow anyone else but their transporter. I am not sure if the transporter can't make it they will have inform other transporters nearby to know about it or even call their parents to tell.

I am transporter to my sons as transporters here are expensive so I do it myself to send my children.

Even to parents let your child know that you'll be there to fetch them no matter what. If there's someone to replacement let the children know about it. We don't want our children to ends up in the wrong hands.

It's also important to help out transporters as well, sometimes children not attend class/school/kindergarten transporters don't aware of it. They end up going kindergarten to pickup but teacher told transporter child no attend school today. It's important we have two way communications.

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