Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mom and son day's out at Kidzania KL

My son so happy waiting for his turn and he's wearing cool sunglasses that I bought him in Genting Highlands. The sunglasses cost RM10, the security guard at Kidzania also ask me where to purchase this cool sunglasses. Does he looks like Robotcop/Cyborg? What else can you think of? Eventually it ends up becoming my headband as he didn't want to wear it all the time. Achievement today, I manage to sign him up for Kidzania Passport yeah he's having his own passport. He can used it until 17 years old. Just one time payment of RM30 during registration, it's one time payment only. He will need to change/upgrade his passport if collected 30 stamps can go another level of passport. Last level would need to collect 60 stamps. 

Today is the day I brought son to Kidzania KL, thanks to my dear for sending us as he's not working today. Son is excited and happy as he been waiting his for few months. He didn't join any field trip during his tuition. I am happy to have won passes to Kidzania and I decided to bring my eldest son as my toddler wasn't ready for long hours play time. I bought a RM15.90 necklace pouch for son so he can put the passport/money while play. They have many choices and price range from RM15.90 to RM28.90. I saw many cute nice patterns for gals.

I promised him that I am going to bring him to Kidzania during the school holiday. Next Monday school starts, today many parents bring their children to Kidzania. It's crowded after 1pm, he didn't wait for long for some jobs that he loves. He's first time being a pilot, cashier, window cleaner, heatlh researcher, CSI and many more. He did total of 12 jobs in Kidzania, one of them he learned to make chocolate. He was worry that he's not able to play Fireman as many kids usually waiting but with my encouragement he just waited 15 minutes then it's his turn to play.

We have been out all day long, from morning until night. After Kidzania, we head to Ikea. We thought of having dinner there but sad to say due to crowd and lack of space to sit. We didn't have our dinner, I miss eating the meatball in Ikea, never enough of having them!

Today is last day of school holiday so Kidzania open from 9am til 5pm. But we only enter Kidzania at 10.30am and he finished playing around 4pm.

Tonight my feet is feeling sore, so tired feet. Walking all day long as we also bought a table light for son's study table. How about you? How are you spending your weekends?


  1. Lucky boy get awesome Mama like Sherry... hehehe

  2. Sherry, what's the passport for? Why need to collect stamps for another level? I don't know about this. Glad your son played many jobs & had fun.

  3. to read more.


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