Sunday, January 25, 2015

First week of school & kindergarten

My toddler is attending Kindergarten and it's his first week. Sadly today he cried so much when he refuses to go. My dear and I have tried out best to persuade him.

Now my toddler with a habit of changing his Kindergarten uniform only in the car. It also depends on his mood whether he wants to get down from the car or not. It's not easy as my toddler is not well in speech but he is picking up step by step. He is slow speaker just like his brother. It takes time for him to talk, my big boy started talking more when he's 4 yrs old.

It's important to get the children sleep early but it's not going to be easy. Seem my big boy has comes up with terms and conditions when I ask him to do revision on studies. Standard Three this year is going to be a tough year for him as he's weak in BM (Malay) and BC (Chinese). I would say the writing will be tough as he doesn't know many words.

I was told by friend the other school, sons's classmate transferred there in Putra Height. The principle ask the parent to transfer their children because they didn't know Chinese language. I am shocked to know of that, aren't children suppose to be given chance to try before asking them to give up? She told me that her friend's with twin children started Standard One there, the principle was happy when her friend decided to transfer her children to other school.

My son is not good with some subjects so he's going to tuition, even his classmate. I am surprise that even high score students are going to tuition as well. That's why tuition center are depending on children's results to see if they are willing to teach the student or not. Don't be surprise if you find tuition center that like to teach students with good grades as easier for them to pick up.

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