Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 Year of Goat

I haven't update this blog as now I have time, first to say Happy New Year to my friends/followers/readers/visitors on my blog. Above makeup of me was taken last year, when I attended my cousin's wedding. I done casual makeup post too on my lifestyle blog.

Being mommy of two boys, I find that being mommy we have many things to do. But don't neglect ourselves yeah, we need pampering time too. I find that best pampering moment is not about going for spa but having love yourself doing something nice like makeup or dress up.

I bought a red blouse for CNY this year. The blouse I bought at RM15, I consider it very good bargain as I bought from Parkson. You can check out Parkson if you are heading there. I saw there is RM19 Chinese New Year trends type of blouse too. When comes to shopping I check on price and budget I have. How about you? When comes to shopping do you have a budget on it?

Though I saw some products of hair care or skin car I need to purchase. I would think first before I purchase let's say I haven't finish using them or are the products on promotion or sales. Don't forget that all products have an expiry dates. Always check your skin care products! Talking of shopping, I know my dear needs a new pair of working shoes, he is still hunting for it. We need to find a suitable day to go hunting for his shoes. He haven't got time the XES Premium Store. I can't purchase for him as he needs to try them by himself, even though I know his size but he prefers to shop for himself.

Chinese New Year just few weeks away, have you got any plan to go where during the school holiday? Some of my friends have plan to visit KL, so I suggest they bring their kids together to go Discoveria in Avenue K, they also can check out Dinoscovery's Trip Advisor page

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