Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mom's Time Out@Kidzania

This was last Saturday, It's Mom's Time Out at Kidzania.

The first time my kids went there, it's a fun playground for them.

Many job scope available and age requirement to participate.
They make money from there?! I mean Kidzania money. 

It's our first time there, so we didn't want the boys to be too excited.. 
Always eyes on them.. 

Son loves it so much, he wants to go again, he likes on the job training but he didn't join the fire engine as need to wait an hour. He also didn't join the pilot as long queue too, perhaps another time..
Excuse me.. I have delivery to do... 

My son with interest to be delivery boy of News Straits Times, he also did the Poslaju.
At Poslaju, two boys cut the queue though I told the boys to queue but they pretend deaf!
There were 3 buses that stop by Kidzania, buses from Penang and Johor Bharu.

Freeze yourself!
Dancing fun time, there will off the music where you need to freeze yourself.
Winners will be based on those that didn't move at all.

Son said they let them remove the black lungs due to smoking... 

Son also likes to play surgery at the Kidzania. He got so many questions to ask...

A room for just toddler to play around. 
Piano time.. 

The Saturday tired us out, we left around 5pm.
It's a fun place for the kids, adults not allow to go in certain shop as only for kids shopping by themselves. No kidding.. 

The food in Kidzania, so expensive RM8 for a sandwich.
Well no food and drink allow inside. They will check your bags!
There is locker available RM1 for locker to use.


  1. Fun day!

    A blogger reward for you: http://cre8tonebabe.blogspot.com/2014/10/liebster-award.html

  2. My daughters has been always wanted to go to Kidzania! ^^

    1. yeah should go, it's a fun place for kids.

  3. my tix dd on 31 dec, so i will bring them during school holiday break, huhuhu

    1. wow.. still a long time :D, never mind you can start planning other activities for them.

  4. Had a lot of fun there at Kidzania but since all mommys busy chasing after their kids cannot get to catch up much... huhuhu

    1. yeah thought he was lost then realize he was queue another section for another exciting job. :D


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