Saturday, October 11, 2014

First time overnight @First World Hotel, Genting Highland

Do you recalled the Ice Age Adventure that son and I have day trip to Genting Highland?

 Some pictures that we manage to save to notebook from the camera before it got lost.

 Three dinosaur eggs that I wish to bring one back and cooked it.... hehe...
The day where rooms in First World Hotel fully booked, because of King of King Live in Genting?

We are looking forward to go watch the Peter Marvey magician in November.

The blue trolley bag that can be used a chair too, look below picture.

We have fun time in snow world, just mother and son! 

This easy Recycle Save the Earth machine where you can just insert your room key for check out. It's so easy! 


  1. had lots of fun ya... happy to see that!!!

    1. yeah we enjoy Snow World, first time to play slide.. so cooling.

  2. Very interesting!! I will bring my son to go too^^

    1. good to know, it will be nice bonding time :D


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