Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Diwali and Happy Holiday

Above photo taken in Sunway Pyramid, if you love contest, check out instagram contest of Sunway Pyramid. I just won myself a jewellery box and voucher.

The jewelry box is not very big, it is almost like size of fifty cent coin.

You can checkout how to join the contest at Sunway Pyramid or instagram Sunway Pyramid.

I was there to collection of my movie tickets that I won and saw there's contest so I try my luck. The instagram contest ends on 23 Oct, there's another contest too you can check out their instagram.

The shopping voucher RM25 I lose it, the voucher can only be use if spending RM100.

It's raining day, what are you doing? Besides blogging I am watching NTV7 now.

If you like to watch horror movie, I recommend you to watch Kristy movie about a gal all alone in the campus as everyone left her to go back thanksgiving holiday. It's a nice story movie line just don't like some noisy sound in the movie.


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