Friday, August 15, 2014


Above one of the finalists choosing the XES shoes.
I attended the private event of XES & MISS GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIA 2014 Get-Together Session, 19 finalists of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014 they are beautiful and friendly. You can click on the above link for more pictures. 

In collaboration of XES Shoes as the OFFICIAL FOOTWEAR of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014, XES team brings the 19 finalists of the prestigious ceremony to the grand XES Premium Boutique that just launched opening in June 2014. 

Below some pictures I taken when each finalists given chance to introduce themselves. Some of the finalists are from Sabah, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bharu, Perak.

Do you see which finalists are your favorite? 
Among the 19 finalists, one lucky girl will be crowned Miss XES Elegant and "win a contract of a year with XES to be in XES Shoes print and television advertisement campaign. XES will also provide RM1,000 cash for the winner and products that consists of shoes and bags. Alongside with that, the winner also gets to make special appearance in XES events. What's most fascinating is she also will be entitled to select 1 pair of shoes every month within a year.*

One of the finalists introduce herself, check out her heels.
Far right is beautiful Sabrina the PR Manager.

19 finalists happily chosen their shoes at the XES Premium Boutique, choosing the size and color and designed of shoes that they loved.

Stay tuned for the glorious finale of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014 on 17 August 2014 at Double Tree, Hilton Hotel to know which endowed girl will be crowned as the winner.

Above picture you are looking at one of the new arrival XES Shoes. 

Don't just read here, click on above link to see more pictures of shoes and bags. I have added pictures of kids shoes too, boys or gals, check out post to find out. 
You can also check out XES Shoes online, click on the link to check them out.


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