Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Into The Storm 2014 review

Recently I won passes to watch Into The Storm, my son, my dear and myself watched this movie. The last movie that dear and I watched was Twister it was long ago. My son has interest to watch this movie, it's rated PG13.

This movie about storm trackers that chasing the storm to get the best shot of it and selling it for good money. This movie also related to parenting as two teenagers named Donnie and Trey and his dad struggle to know who is his dad's favourite son. Their mother passed away due to an accident.

There will be a review in the movie about Pete's tank, I would say the tank looks like a war tank but it doesn't consists of any bullets but a nice view above that can be 360 turning. Pete and his team chasing each tornado and with helped from his team to record every moments of it.

There are heart breaking moment and funny moment in the movie, I have never seen huge tornado before. Yeah I can say it again, they called it the Eye. How are they going to pull through this together?

A graduation day happening in this movie as well, find out if they can do it peacefully.

Find out in the cinema near you.

From this movie, I learned that no matter you home is broken, you can always rebuild it.

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