Friday, August 1, 2014

Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket*Guardians of the Galaxy

We are fans of Marvel so this was our time as mother and son to watch movie. I am happy that I received a Guardians of the Galaxy notebook, one Uni student even ask to trade for his yoyo. Mmm.. I still prefer the notebook as it's very useful, son's has no interest with yoyo at the moment. My boys didn't know how to play one even though they play before.

Click on the link above to find out if the movie is worth to watch. There's a part in the movie where Peter the Star- Lord, showing finger and it definitely gives everyone a good laugh. Beware don't do this to anyone as you may offence them!

My friend told me that her children fall asleep during the movie, not for us we like it so much even stay back to see if there's anything surprise us after the movie.

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